You do not have sufficient permissions to delete – error – SOLVED –

If the user tries to uninstall the program from his computer, the following error may occur: “You do not have sufficient permissions to uninstall XXX. Please contact your system administrator“. The above error probably occurs because the program was corrupted before the installation was successfully completed or after a virus attack that infected the computer.

If you “You do not have sufficient permissions to deleteIf you encounter a problem trying to uninstall the program from your computer, follow these steps to resolve it:

no permission to delete

How to fix the “You do not have sufficient permissions to uninstall” program problem.

Step 1: Download Geek Uninstaller utility.

1. Open your browser to the web page “”.

2. “Free download” link.


3.Save“”” file to your computer.


4. When the download is complete, go to the download folder and extract the “”” file.


Step 2: Use Geek Uninstaller utility to uninstall the program.

1. Go to where you extracted”” file in the previous stage and double click to run”geek” application.


2. In the Geek Uninstaller utility, right click in the program you want to remove from your computer (for example, “mTorrent” in this example) and select “ from the drop-down menu.Delete“.

geek uninstaller

3. If “Deletion failed” error appears on the screen, then “Yes” button.Geek uninstaller” utility to clean the registry entries and files of the selected program from your computer.

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4. Click on “YesPress ” again to force uninstall the selected program.


5. On the next screen, review the registry entries to be deleted and clickTermination” to remove them.


6. Finally close it all”Geek uninstaller” Open the windows and you’re done!

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