Windows Repair Disc – Get ready to troubleshoot your PC if Windows 8, 7 or Vista won’t boot. –

Recent versions of Windows have a feature to create a system repair disc to repair your computer when you can no longer boot into Windows. A system repair disc contains recovery options that can help you fix your computer from serious errors. Therefore, it is important to create a system repair disc when your computer is “healthy” from problems. Note that you can create a system repair disc only for the version of the operating system you are using.

It is recommended to create a system repair disc for future system troubleshooting.

Follow these steps to create a system repair disc:

Step 1. Open the “System Repair Disk” creator program.

Windows 7 and Vista

How to Create a System Repair Disc in Windows 7 or Vista

Click on the “Start” menu and in the “Search” field “re disk” and then click “Enter“.


Windows 8

How to create a system repair disc in Windows 8.

1. Right click on the screen lower left corner and select from the pop-up menu “Running”.


2. In the “Start” field, type: “re disk” and then “OK“.


Step 2: Create a system repair disc.

1. When the following window appears on your screen, insert a blank CD or DVD into your drive and click “.Create a disk“.


2. When the CD/DVD creation is complete, remove the disc from your CD/DVD RW drive and then label it and store it in a safe place for future use*.

* If you want to learn how to use a system repair disc, read this post.

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