Windows preparing automatic boot loop repair of death: Easy fix

In Windows, there are many built-in features to keep the system running smoothly. Automatic repair is such a feature when facing unwanted issues such as startup related issues. If your computer is dealing with a startup problem that could arise out of nowhere, this feature comes into play.

But things can get out of hand when it fails, and the “Automatic repair cycle” error suddenly appears on the screen. It is also known as the cycle of death, as it prevents booting. The problem might be worrying, but there are fix methods for Windows that prepare for the Self-Repair startup death loop issue.

What are the symptoms that Windows Preparing to Startup Self-Repair is stuck in a loop?

You may find the Windows 10 automatic repair preparation stuck out of nowhere and disturb your PC. But first, you need to understand correctly that the problem is what you doubted. There are some symptoms that you can correctly highlight on this boot cycle, and those are:

  • When your laptop or desktop is stuck on a black background containing the message “Windows 11 Automatic Repair Preparation,” if you are using windows 11
  • In some cases, the message on the black background may appear in the form of “Diagnostics of your PC”
  • Even after these messages appear, the screen may remain black with no action taking place
  • When the process of prepare for automatic repair by diagnosing your pc is not happening, a blue screen appears containing the message Your PC did not start properly”
  • Another message that may appear on the blue screen is “Automatic repair could not fix your PC”

All these symptoms will lead to the restarting process of the computer and push it into the cycle of automatic repair.

How to Fix Windows Boot Loop of Death Automatic Repair Preparation – Methods to Follow

Now, no matter how bad the situation or problem is, there are always some fix methods that can solve the problem. The methods we are going to discuss are capable of resolving the boot loop issue if applied correctly. Now, the fixing methods are:

How to Fix Windows Preparing Boot Loop of Death Automatic Repair

Method: 1: Use System Restore to undo the changes

When you undo the changes, your computer’s system software will be restored to the state it was in. To do this, you must first enter the blue screen, where you will find an option called “Advanced options.” Click on it as soon as you locate it, then go to “Troubleshooting” option.

It will take you to another window, where you need to locate and click “Advanced options.” On clicking there, the option named “System recovery” it will be on the screen and you will have to press it. In the next step, you will need to choose the restore point to get things to work.

Hit the “Next” button and keep waiting until the restore process is done successfully. Then restart your computer and hopefully there will be no boot loop on the screen.

Method – 2: Try running the built-in system repair tools

If manual system repair doesn’t work, try built-in tools like System File Checker and CHKDSK. Then, while the PC is restarting, you need to press the key “F8” key to start the procedure. This action will activate the Windows troubleshooter menu, which is the next step in the process.

Now you will have to select “See advanced repair options” to push things to the next stage. As you do this, a menu bar will appear containing a tag of “Choose an option” with some related options. From there, click “Troubleshooting”, and you will be directed to the “Menu Troubleshooting”.

Below this part, there will be “Advanced options,” and when you enter there, select “Command Prompt” from the options given. In the command prompt window, you need to write two commands, one after the other. Those commands are “chkdsk / rc:” And “sfc /scannow,” and now hit the “Log into” after writing each command.

These commands are used to check drive errors and system integrity. Then press the “Exit” when all these operations are done and hopefully you won’t be bothered by the boot cycle anymore.

Method – 3: Fix the self-repair loop with a bootable USB

You might be the user of Windows 10 operating system on your laptop or computer. If so and you are trapped in boot loop then you must know that you can fix Windows 10 self-repair loop fix with USB.

First, you need to connect the USB device to your laptop or desktop and shut down the PC right after doing this. Then turn on the computer and press the simultaneously “F2” while entering the BIOS. Now, at this stage, you’ll need to set it up to boot your PC from “Removable devices.”

These are also known as the bootable USB disk that you connected to your PC just now. For the process, you can even use the file “CD-ROM drive,” which is also familiar as bootable CD/DVD. After doing so, you will have to press the “F10” key to save the changes made and exit the page at the same time.

Frequent questions

How do you fix infinity by preparing the self-repair loop?

There are various ways to repair the auto repair cycle of infinite preparation. First, you’ll need to find out that the dreaded problem is actually happening. So, having made sure of this, you will need to gain knowledge of fixing methods. Finally, once you are aware of these methods, you will need to apply them correctly.

When you can properly apply these fix methods, the boot loop issue will probably no longer bother you.

How do I fix the Automatic Repair loop and Startup Repair in Windows?

Using various paths, you can fix the automatic repair loop and startup repair in Windows. Try using Windows Repair Services both manually and with built-in system repair tools. While using the built-in tools, you will need to run the system file checker to deal with missing and corrupt files.

Using a bootable USB device by plugging it into your PC and then rebooting it can also fix the loop problem.

How to bypass the automatic repair cycle?

Bypassing the automatic repair loop may seem quite complex, but not so much when you get to know the process. First, you’ll need to run a system scan while keeping your computer turned on “Safe Mode.” So try resetting the Windows registry or disabling the early launch anti-malware program.

As a last resort, resetting Windows 10 or other version devices can get the job done you want.

Why does my computer keep saying it is preparing to self-repair?

If your computer keeps showing the preparing for automatic repair message, it is undoubtedly trapped in boot loop. Along with that message, your computer may exhibit something similar “PC Diagnosis”. Both of these messages can appear on your PC’s black or blue screen.

If so, the boot cycle error has occurred and you need to take appropriate action based on that.

Final thoughts

It is not uncommon to see the message “Preparing Automatic Repair” or “Diagnostics of your PC”. But when these messages keep coming in loops, there are reasons to worry. First, it won’t allow you to boot your computer and use it for your daily and necessary tasks.

That is why you need to fix it as soon as possible after making sure of the exact problem. There are many solutions available that you can apply to get rid of the Windows preparing self-repair boot death loop issue. Proper use of these fix methods will allow your PC to boot safely without any boot loop.

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