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The first impression of any PC game is very important, and it decides whether the person who sees it will continue to play it or not. How smooth and attractive the title screen of the game is important for the popularity of any game. Game introduction music gives an adrenaline rush to play the game, and the player gets excited about having fun and discovering the desired PC game. In this article, we have listed some of the best PC games that have excellent title screens and attractive game main menus. These not only have a great introduction but also forget to catch background music that players must surely enjoy while playing. The story of these games will blow your mind and will take you on an exciting adventure of gaming history. So read and find out and choose your game to play and have fun.

borderland 2
You’ll just enjoy the Borderlands 2 menu because you can switch between your persona to see how all the cosmetics you’ve slapped on them will look in the game. They rest on a cool cliffside while the camera slowly rotates. Often if you like Claptrap you can see him too, and sometimes if you don’t like Claptrap you can see him falling off the cliff.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
An endless Magi and Templar procession continues to a peace conference that has been held for decades. It’s a striking illustration of a large menu itself, but it’s what comes next that makes it memorable. Hit “New Game”, and in a massive arcane eruption, the great temple they summon. It is the best way to cover the drama and surprise of this plot, so that the game can drive you from a minute.

Halo: Combat Evolved
The Halo franchise menu screens are so popular that someone set up a website to list all the Halo game menus. The sinister halo ring floats against the backdrop of Gregorian chant to a dreamy war drum. The Halo menu is fantastic, and an epic space journey is called for.

Bowl 2
You will love the opening sequence of Spelunky 2 because it expresses the spirit of the game, which I think is rare. Most developers consider intros or title cards to be a much more practical part of the game, something that comes before something you like. Still, there is an interesting collection of surprises off the bat that subtly introduces you to the game.

World of Warcraft
WoW’s title screen won’t win in the UI department, but its small user and security reminders still inform us of future maintenance and its retro charm alongside newsboxes. With each expansion, the fantastic views that change are what we remember best, ultimately portraying Mordor in a true light. Server maintenance can be close but still ruin.

Coast through purgatory geometry before diving into unstable geometry. It’s a festive mood for starters, a stark contrast to the damp, stressful rhythm horror that awaits you. I am in the font section and added text here as well. I am a flat font and symmetry sucker.

Half-Life 2
The video game equivalent of a bookmark is the main menu in Half-Life 2. You get a minimalist list of menu choices and the white title on a scene in the last chapter you left. We’ll be back soon with all these emblematic sound effects before you even boot the save.

Stardew Valley
The title screen sequence of Stardew Valley is like a positive vibes hit in the groin. The classic theme that greets us opens up to a stunning mountain environment that constantly flows in the sky to reveal the title and menu choices. Let it research (or farm) and some chill songs.

From the first second, the session made its intention clear. Our skater avatar opens up and kills so much it’s a crime. Here’s an alternative, and press A to skate. Do it, and our skater will stand up in a smooth movement, shoot over and go on the ice. Like hell, it’s smooth.

Hylic 2
With its absurd style and psychedelic sounds, the title screen of Hylics 2 is tasked with disorienting you. The texts are paws; there are various little boys with clay squiggles and sprites dancing, an electric guitar with scratches finds an unpredictable melody, dips in and out of touch. You would know if Hylic 2 is detectable by the human brain in the shortest time measurement. – Davenport James

Metro Exodus
The Exodus subway connects Half-Life 2 to everything in orbit. In addition to the tactile menu items used in the train controls, we’re on the darn train, may I remind you. It’s where your friends live and thrive on the following post-apocalyptic road trip, as well as the scenes over the windows in the main menu disappear because the train station still anchors you. Fear and horror in the background in the foreground, home and heart. Maybe it will be good.

Final words
The games listed in this article are of excellent quality and have high graphics. You must surely enjoy playing these games, and I am sure that you will also recommend these games to your friends and ask them to play them. I must say that the entry titles in the main game menu is very attractive and colorful and gives a rush in your mind to play it immediately. Players will also enjoy the background music of the game, and the story of the game is also very impressive. While playing the game, you would think that you have actually entered the game and are playing the role of the main character. So it is recommended to download these games and start playing them, and I guarantee you that you will like all the games listed in the article and play them with your full attention. So download and play.

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