Top 8 Ways to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone During Call

to mute when you’re on a call; to make a conference call; to record You will get many options like button press and disconnect. But what if your Android phone is black and no options are displayed during a call?

You cannot use any call option or even end the conversation. Before the situation becomes complicated and chaotic. Use the following steps to fix Android phone black screen during a call issue.

Why does Android phone screen turn off during active calls?

The proximity sensor at the top of your Android phone detects a physical obstacle around it and turns off the screen to avoid accidental touches. When you hold your phone close to your ear, Turn off the screen until the sensor detects it and moves the phone away. It is silent on an active call. Prevents accidental touching of the button or call history function. If the sensor isn’t working properly or you have a problem where your screen won’t turn on after pulling the phone away from your face. You can use these troubleshooting methods.

1. Press the side button to open the screen.

The proximity sensor should automatically turn on the screen when you are on a call and want to use any call feature. If the sensor fails to do so. You can press the side button and open the screen manually to use the calling features.

2. Remove the Rugged Cases.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Rugged Cases

Popular case makers on Amazon and Walmart have their cases precisely cut for your Android phones. When you use a cast from a random unknown company. It may not fit your Android phone perfectly and may interfere with the functionality of the side button. It is most evident in tough and violent cases. Remove these covers from your Android phone and you should start making/receiving calls without any problem.

3. Remove the Screen Protector.

Like phone cases, You should stick to brand names while choosing a screen protector for your Android phone. If you don’t use a screen protector properly and cover the proximity sensor, you may experience a black screen during a call issue. You should remove such a thick screen protector and get a new one from Amazon or nearby store.

If you don’t know how to properly apply a screen protector, get help from an expert for a seamless installation.

4. Don’t use third-party phone apps

Unlike iOS, Android allows you to set another app on your phone as the default phone app. The Google Play Store is packed with tons of third-party phone apps. If you use another phone app on Android; It’s time to ditch it and use an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution to manage calls. A bug in a third-party phone app can give you issues like a black screen during a call.

Follow the steps below to change the phone app on Android.

Step 1: Swipe the home screen to open the app drawer.

Step 2: Open the Settings app (with the gear icon).

Step 3: Select Apps.

Step 4: Click Default Apps under the General menu.

Step 5: Select the Phone app and click the radio button next to the default app.

We recommend sticking to the default phone app from Google that comes with all Android phones.

5. Check your phone for physical or water damage.

Accidentally dropped your Android phone? It might damage your phone’s proximity sensor. Similarly, it can be damaged by heavy rain or waterlogging. If your phone’s proximity sensor malfunctions due to such incidents, During a call issue the phone screen will continue to go black. It’s time to visit the nearest service center to have your phone checked by experts.

6. Force stop the phone app.

If the phone app crashes on your Android phone, Time to call it quits and try again.

Step 1: Long press the phone app icon and tap the ‘i’ button.

Step 2: Tap Stop Pushing from the App Info menu.

Open the Phone app and start a call; You don’t notice the screen goes black during a call problem.

7. Uninstall phone app updates.

Google often releases phone app updates on the Play Store. If you have a blank screen during a call issue after a recent app update. It’s time to uninstall the app update on your phone.

Step 1: Open the phone app info menu.

Step 2: Click on the kebab menu (three dots) at the top and select Uninstall Updates.

8. Update the Android system.

Android manufacturers regularly release new system builds to fix bugs and glitches in your phone. The company recently released a monthly patch that may have caused the screen to go black during a phone call issue.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and navigate to System.

Step 2: Select System Update and install the latest OS build.

Use all the calling functions on Android.

If you experience the same on your iPhone; Read our dedicated troubleshooting post to fix iPhone screen goes black during a call issue. Which trick works for you on your Android phone? Share your findings with our readers in the comments section below.

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