Top 6 Ways to Fix Google Docs Not Printing Correctly

Google Docs is an excellent word processing software that lets you create everything from flyers to blog posts. But like any platform, Google Docs isn’t foolproof, and it can occasionally frustrate you with odd problems. An example is when Google Docs fails to print your documents correctly.

There can be a number of reasons why your Google Docs documents may be printing strangely. Sometimes your documents may not print at all. If you’re facing a similar problem, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Check the Printer Connection and select the correct Printer.

You need to run some basic hardware checks to make sure everything is connected. Check that the cable connecting your computer to the printer is securely plugged in. While you’re at it, try restarting your printer to fix temporary glitches.

If more than one printer is available; Make sure you are sending print requests to the correct printer. Press Ctrl+P to bring up the print dialog. Use the drop-down menu next to Destination to select the correct printer and click Print.

2. Save the document as a PDF and print it.

If the Google Docs printing issue is limited to one odd file, You can save it as a PDF and print it. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to find out what’s causing the problem, this is one solution you can’t use.

To save a Google Docs document as a PDF; Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Docs document you want to print.

Step 2: Click the File menu in the upper left corner; Go to Download and select ‘PDF document (.pdf)’ from the sub-menu.

Open the downloaded file in a PDF viewer; You should be able to print it without any problems.

3. Try incognito mode.

Another thing you can do is print your Google Docs document from an incognito window. It is an existing browser cache, This will help you avoid any interruptions caused by cookies or extensions.

If this method works, There’s a good chance a problematic extension or corrupted browsing data is to blame.

4. Disable browser extensions.

Third-party extensions bring additional functionality to your browser, though. They may interfere with browser processes. There’s a chance that one of the extensions in your browser is causing the problem. To confirm this possibility, You will need to disable all your browser extensions and enable them one by one.

If you are using Google Chrome; Enter it. chrome://extensions Press Enter in the address bar. Use the buttons to disable all extensions.

If you are using Microsoft Edge; Enter it. edge://extensions Press Enter in the address bar. Close all extensions.

After that restart your browser and open all your extensions one by one. After enabling each extension, print a test page from Google Docs to identify the page causing the problem.

5. Clear Browser Cache.

An old browser cache can affect browser performance and prevent it from communicating with your printer. Therefore, If disabling browser extensions doesn’t help, Clearing the existing browser cache should be your next step.

To clear browsing data in Chrome or Edge; Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete (Windows) or Command + Shift + Delete (macOS) on your keyboard to open the Clear Browsing Data panel. Use the drop-down menu next to Time Range to select a time range and tick the box that reads ‘Cached images and files’.

Then click the Clear data button.

After that, restart your browser and try printing your Google Docs document again.

6. Try a different browser.

If none of the above solutions work; There may be a problem with the browser itself. You can print your Google Docs document from another browser and see if it prints correctly. Google Docs for Chrome; Edge, Compatible with all major browsers, including Safari and Firefox.

If you can print your document from another browser; This may suggest a problem with your previous browser. In that case, You may need to update or reinstall the problematic browser to resolve the issue.

Start printing your documents again.

One of the solutions above will help you solve printing problems in Google Docs. Let us know what worked for you in the comments below. If the printing problem is consistent across multiple apps and programs. You may need to troubleshoot the connection between your printer and computer.

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