Third generation Echo Dot auxiliary input

If you are considering buying a 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot, you may be curious about the presence or absence of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen Aux Input.

The Echo Dot is a fantastic smart home management device for streaming music and podcasts. It has a 3.5mm input, so you can plug in your music player or use it as an audio input on your computer.

About Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

As part of an Echo-branded family of smart gadgets from Amazon, the Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is a compact yet feature-packed smart hub. Many other types of smart home gadgets, like Philips Hue light bulbs, home alarm systems, and even electronic locks, can be controlled by Echo devices.

There’s less than a pound of weight on the 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7-inch Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation). Among Amazon’s Echo products, this is the smallest and therefore the most versatile in terms of placement options. Minimalist and compact, it is still visually beautiful; its light ring indication can be seen across the room.

The newest generation of Echo smart devices all have cylindrical, fabric-covered bodies. The power connector and 3.5mm audio jack are positioned on the side of the device, while the controls are on the top. There are three color options for the third iteration of the Dot: Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone White.

The sound quality of any smart home speaker device is one of the most crucial components, and the sound quality of the third generation Echo Dot is a significant advance over the previous generation. The built-in speaker measures 1.6 inches, making it half an inch larger than the one found in the previous version. Despite its small size, it produces sounds of remarkable quality.

Eco point 3rd Use of the auxiliary generation input

Following these techniques will allow you to connect an auxiliary cable to any Echo device:

  • Use a 3.55mm aux cable if you want to connect the device. Absolutely no other dimension will do.
  • Establish a connection between the suitable Echo device and an endpoint of the cable.
  • Connect the other end to the device that produces audio output.
  • Test the functionality of your music device by playing some music or other audio from it.

In case the music or audio doesn’t start right away, you may need to connect them manually from the external device. Select Settings. Choose the audio option. You need to choose the source of the aux output you are using.

Third generation Echo Dot auxiliary input
PC- How to do stuff

The Echo Dot requires a regular 3.5mm audio cable with male contacts on both ends to connect to an external speaker. Connect your speaker’s Aux In jack to the first end of the audio cable and Dot’s Aux Out jack to the opposite end of the power cable. Start up your speaker and the next moment you request Alexa to play songs, the music will explode from your Echo Dot.

Echo point 4th Auxiliary generation input

Amazon’s latest edition of their best-selling smart speaker is simply called the “Echo of the Amazons” (4th generation). While the first Echo was shaped like a giant soda can, subsequent models have been increasingly sleeker and more perfectly spherical.

Echo Dot 4th gen

There’s a built-in voice assistant inside the smart speaker, but you’ll likely end up using the app more than the speaker itself to get things done. It is also required during the first configuration steps. In addition to controlling the volume, pairing Bluetooth devices, adding a secondary speaker or subwoofer, creating multi-room groups, programming alarms and choosing between using aux as an input or output, all these functions and others are accessible via the application . Alexa Skills can be downloaded and installed to expand your speaker’s capabilities.

Echo Dot 4th Generation – 10 REALLY useful things to do

Echo Dot Aux Not Working Problem

It is well known that some Echo devices can also act as wireless speakers when paired with a Bluetooth receiver (and vice versa). If so, Echo may stream music from your mobile device or computer. Echo does not always play music when paired with a phone or computer via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable.

If your Echo doesn’t work after connecting it to an external device via aux, double-check that the input cable you used to connect the device’s output jack to the Echo is plugged in correctly. If you want to make sure there are no problems with your phone, computer or stereo, you can try restarting it.

Alternatively, you could unplug and plug it back in to see if it fixes the problem. The Echo Dot can be restarted before being connected. It is a good idea to clean the auxiliary port before plugging it in, as debris stuck in it can prevent the port from functioning properly and render the auxiliary port unusable. If you’ve tried all the options available and still can’t get your Echo Dot to work, go to the store to have it checked. The Echo Dot also supports Bluetooth connections, allowing it to be used with other gadgets.

Frequent questions

Can I use AUX in Amazon Alexa to connect to a speaker?

In fact, you can. To use your phone with your Amazon Alexa device, you can use the AUX cable connection we described earlier. The audio-in jack should be back there, next to the power cord.

What is the procedure for connecting an AUX cable to an Alexa device?

To take advantage of the AUX input, simply purchase a cable with AUX jack on both ends, insert one end into the AUX port on the back of the Amazon Alexa device (often located near the charging cable) and insert the other end into the socket to headphones from your phone or other audio device.

You can play music from any application on your smartphone and it will come out of your Alexa speaker with great sound once you sync the two!

Can I connect an AUX device to Alexa?

The AUX cable will allow you to connect your device to the Echo. It’s time to launch the Alexa application on your mobile device and tap the “Devices” form. The AUX audio connection can be activated by touching the connected device and selecting the appropriate menu option. Choose one of the two “In line” or “Line out”.


A third-generation Amazon Echo dot would be a fantastic way to bring smart technology to your home. You may be curious about the compatibility of the 3rd Generation Echo Dot Aux input before making a purchase. You can connect external devices and use it with external speakers thanks to the aux input, which is certainly present.

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