The Samsung Galaxy S23 could fall on concrete and nothing will happen to it

Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S23it could have Corning’s new Gorilla Glass Victus 2 screen technology, which would be essential in keeping the phone safe from falls.

Corning announces that its phone should be able to survive a three-foot (flat-deep) drop on concrete in particular, one of the most difficult surfaces to protect.

The new glass should still withstand a drop of two meters (head height / selfie) on a smoother asphalt surface, survive more than 20 consecutive one meter drops, and should not be more susceptible to scratches.

“More than 30 percent of the falls they were having were on concrete, more than any other surface,” Gorilla Glass division vice president Scott Forester said.

“What we’ve learned over time is that about 75 percent of leak failures occur on rough surfaces: asphalt or rough granite or concrete,” he adds.

Speaking of Samsung,even though it has not been confirmed that the Korean electronics giant will use the new glass. Corning announced that Samsung would be its first customer for Gorilla Glass Victus in 2020.

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