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If you have installed other operating systems using Sun VM Virtualbox and want to take a screenshot of your guest operating system and there is nothing using “PrintScreen” or “Alt + PrintScreen”, to solve this problem use the solution below.

For this article, I installed the Vbox environment (version 4.1.20) on my Windows 7 host OS to install Windows XP as a guest OS and also installed the “Guest Add-ons”.

Then when I tried to select a guest OS, I noticed that my keyboard and mouse were automatically captured by the guest OS.

When this happens, you may see a “green down arrow” at the bottom right of your guest OS window, indicating that your keyboard and mouse are being taken over by the guest OS.


1. So we need to remove the keyboard and mouse by pressing the right Ctrl key once and “green down arrowwill be like “”.black down arrow“.


2. After this is done, you can use the shortcuts “PrintScreenClick “or” to capture full screenAlt + PrintScreen” simultaneously active* to capture the VirtualBox guest OS window.

Note*: First, you need to select the VirtualBox guest OS window, then press the “Right Ctrl” button once to drag out the keyboard and mouse, and use the shortcuts to take pictures.

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