Step by step explanation of how to record calls on iPhone

Whether it’s for a job issue, an interview or for legal reasons, sometimes you need to record a call, and the best bet here is always to use an application. There aren’t many quality free ones out there, but if you can afford it there are plenty of options. Next, we will tell you which are the best applications and resources for them record calls on iphone

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Important: In the United States, there are federal and state laws regarding the recording of telephone calls. However, as a general rule, you shouldn’t have any legal problems if you get verbal consent to the recording. Some states only require the consent of one party, but from here we recommend that you check the laws of your state before giving the “Rec”.

With an iPhone app

When it comes to recording incoming and outgoing calls, you’ll need to use something other than Google Voice. There aren’t many free options, but luckily there are some good ones if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks. We’ve tested quite a few alternatives, and based on what we’ve seen so far, we think the following are the best.

professional advice: The GetHuman website is a great solution for logging customer service calls. Allows you to notify a specific company that you want a representative to contact you.

TapeACall Pro ($11)

TapeACall Pro to record calls on iPhone

If you don’t mind spending some money upfront and get a good app, go for TapeACall Pro. For just $11 you get unlimited call recording time, no matter who or where you’re calling from. The price has changed recently and the fee is more confusing. Renewals cost $20 per year for unlimited recordings.

It works a little differently than those mentioned above. For incoming calls, start a recording by pausing whoever you’re talking to, then open the app and hit the record button. Once you have done that, the call will be merged and stored with a remote recording service.

For outgoing calls, open the app, tap the log, then call anyone and combine the call. Unlike other services, TapeACall Pro does not inform the other party that you are recording the conversation. When you finish recording, you can access the stored audio file directly on your mobile phone.


Call Recorder Pro ($10)

Call Recorder Pro to record calls on iPhone

You can record incoming or outgoing calls with this app, but it requires you to set up a three-way call by putting your call on hold, dialing the recorder through the app, and then merging the calls, which makes it all a bit demanding.

Apart from that, it records calls that are already in progress quite easily. It’s a reliable service that makes it easy to manage your recordings, and you can download and share them via SMS, email, Dropbox, or other apps.

The $10 rate will get you 300 minutes, but you can also buy 150 minutes for $5 or 30 minutes for $1.


IntCall Call Recorder (free)

With one of the cheapest pay-per-minute rates, IntCall Call Recorder may be the best option depending on the specific country you’re calling. It allows you to make and record national or international calls, record them completely and save them on your mobile phone.

Your provider must have a GSM network, and allow call waiting and conference calls. The program works with a prepaid system and a Wi-Fi network as you use the service and make calls via VoIP.

The price of each call is calculated by destination and minute. You can also get a weekly subscription. Additional minutes can be purchased for $5, $10 or $20, and the cost per minute varies by country. A version of this app called Pay As You Go Call Recorder is worth checking out.

We definitely recommend checking the price list before buying any product, but most countries can be reached for 10-20 cents per minute.


Phone Call Recorder (Free)

Phone Call Recorder to record calls on iPhone

This highly rated app is a full-featured, high-quality automatic phone call recorder, which helps you record an unlimited number of incoming or outgoing calls.

Once complete, the recording is available to listen to, delete, save to Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive, or share via email, iMessage, and social media. ACR Call Recorder uses your operator’s conference call function to record conversations.

The app includes incoming, outgoing and unlimited photo call recordings, access to recordings immediately after the conversation, as well as the ability to share recordings in several ways or export recordings to apps third party.


Using Google Voice

Amazingly, Google Voice, in addition to helping you filter unwanted calls, will log incoming calls at no cost to you. The only downside is that Google doesn’t allow you to record outgoing calls, only incoming calls, and you’ll have to hand over your phone number to Google to access the recording feature.

To start recording incoming calls with Google Voice on iOS, you must first set up an account. But that’s easy: go to and follow the instructions.

Once your account is active, the next step is to enable call recording so you can record the conversation as an MP3 file.

Step 1: Go to the Google Voice page.

Step 2– Click on the three dots icon in the menu on the left and select Options or Settings from the resulting menu.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Calls section and make sure incoming call options are turned on.

How to Record Calls on iPhone

If you want to listen to recorded calls on your iPhone, you’ll need to download the Google Voice app. With this apps You can record incoming calls by pressing the number “4” on your phone’s keypad during the call.

Make sure you answer the phone in the app using your Google Voice phone number and not the native iPhone phone app. This activates an automated voice that notifies both parties that the call is being recorded. To stop recording, tap “4” again or end the call as you normally would.

After you stop recording, Google will automatically save the conversation for you to listen to later. If you want to listen to recorded calls on your iPhone, you’ll need to download the Google Voice app.

If everything is set correctly, you will see the recorded conversation in the Calls and Voicemail tabs. To listen to the conversation, tap the arrow and turn the volume up.

You will also receive an email directing you to the chat in the browser.

With external voice recorder

How to record calls on iPhone with an external recorder
DeciVibe Digital Voice Recorder

The last option would be to buy a voice recorder designed to plug directly into your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack or via Bluetooth.

Products like the Olympus TP-8 Microphone, a headset that records you and the caller, will get the job done without a hitch. If you have a newer iPhone, you may need to use a Lightning port adapter to connect your headphones.

You might also consider the RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth recording device; If you want a wireless device, or you’re looking for something higher quality that connects through the headphone port, you might want to check out the Techerifc Digital Voice Recorder.

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