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On Windows 8-based computers, when a user tries to create a playlist, the following error may appear “Windows Media Player encountered a problem creating or saving a playlist. Error: 0xc00d11cd (0x80004005)“. The above error occurs within Windows Media Player application and even inside Music / Xbox Music app (Home screen). I also noticed that the Windows Libraries subfolders (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos) cannot be opened (“accessed”) in Windows Explorer.My computer” > “Libraries” > (eg) “Music“.).

After some research, I found that this error was caused by a corrupted Windows libraries setting. If you are facing the same error, follow the procedure below to resolve it.

This guide addresses the following issues:

  • Cannot create (cannot save) playlists in Windows 8 (8.1) Media Player.
  • “Cannot create (save) playlists in Windows 8 (8.1)”Music / Xbox music” application.
  • Can’t play songs in playlists in Windows 8 Music app.


How to fix error 0xc00d11cd (0x80004005) when creating or saving music playlists in Windows 8 Media or Xbox Music player.

Step 1. Fix broken Windows libraries.

1. It’s open Windows Explorer.

2. ExpansionLibraries”* on the left (click the arrow icon).

*Note: If you don’t see Libraries in the sidebar, then:

  1. Click on “Appearance” menu tab at the top.
  2. “click”Options“open”Folder options“.
  3. At”GeneralcheckShow libraries” check box (at the bottom) and then click OK.

Windows libraries

3. Right click problematic (corrupted)”Libraries” subfolder* (eg “ Music”) and select “Delete“.

*Note: Do the same operation for each broken “.Library” folder in the list.

delete - libraries

4. Finally right click on “LibrariesSelect ” and “Restore default libraries“. *

* Windows should recreate the “Library” folder you previously deleted (for example, “Music” in this example) with default settings.


You are done! From now on, you can create playlists in Windows Media Player and expand all library folders without any problems.

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