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(Updated: 10/02/2013). FBI Virus is a ransomware virus that claims your computer is blocked because of copyright or related rights violations or because you are accessing pornographic material. The FBI virus makes your computer unusable and asks you to pay $100 or more to unlock it within 48 hours or your computer will be permanently locked and legal action will be taken against you.

Infection occurs due to security vulnerabilities discovered when the user browses infected websites or downloads infected files. If your computer is infected with FBI virus, don’t panic and follow these easy steps to disinfect your system.

FBI virus

FBI virus removal instructions.

How to disinfect your computer from the “FBI virus”.

Method 1: Restore your computer to its previous working state.

(Watch this method on YouTube)

Note: This method is usually only effective for the first version of the FBI Police virus. If you are unable to remove FBI Police virus using this method, follow the steps in method #2 to remove this nasty virus.

Step 1. Stop running the FBI virus.

1. Turn off by your computer Press and hold the “Power” button.

2. Start up your computer and when your computer starts up “F8Before the window logo appears, press the ” button.

3. For Windows 7: Using the keyboard arrows “Repair your computer” option and press “Enter“.

For Windows Vista or XP: Using the keyboard arrows “Safe mode” option and press “Enter“. The next info message says “NoTo run System Restore and continue reading here (7).


4. Choose your preferred input language on the first screen and press “The next one“.


5. Enter your login password and “OK” to continue.


6. For Windows Vista or 7: Click on “System Restore” option.


7. On the next screen, selectThe next one“.


8. On the next screen select a restore point date* before your computer gets infected Select “FBI Virus” fromThe next one“.

* If you don’t see all restore pointscheck it out the “Show more restore points” option.


9. On the next screen, review your choices and click “Termination


10. Wait until the “System Restore” process is completed.


11. After the system restore is complete, restart your computer.


12. Keep going Step 2.

Method 2. Use RogueKiller to clean FBI Police virus.

(Watch this method on YouTube)

1. From another computer download it and storageRogueKiller” utility To a USB flash drive.

2. Start your infected computer and press the button while your computer is starting upF8Press the button before the Windows logo appears.

3. Select using the arrow keys “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option and pressEnter“.


4. Type “” in the command prompt window.researcherClick the “and” buttonEnter“.


5. Connect the USB drive to the infected computer and copy “Rogue Killerutility on your desktop.

6. Double click to run Rogue Killer. Allow the preview to finish and then click “Scan” to perform a full scan.


7. When the full scan is complete, click “Delete” button to remove all harmful items.

8. Restart your computer and proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Clean from your computer malicious threats.

Log in to Windows and use MalwareBytes Antimalware to clean your computer of any remaining malicious threats.*

*If you don’t know how to install and use”MalwareBytes Anti-Malware“, read these instructions.

Tip: To keep your computer clean and safe, Run Malwarebytes anti-malware full scan in Windows “Safe Mode”..*

*To enter Windows Safe Mode “F8” button before the Windows logo appears when your computer starts up. When “Windows advanced settings menu” appears on your screen, use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate Safe mode and then click “INTRODUCTION“.

Step 3. Clean up unwanted files and entries.

Use “CCleaner” and continue clean your system is temporary internet files and invalid registry entries.*

*If you don’t know how to install and use “CCleaner”, read these instructions.

Step 4. Restart your computer and run a full scan with your antivirus software for the changes to take effect.

Note*: This virus has a different name in each country. The uninstall process is almost always the same (described above), so if you have one of the following versions, you can try it (leave us a comment if it worked for you):

Please leave us a comment if it worked for you.

  • “Australian Federal Police” virus (Australian version)
  • “Computer is locked”
  • “CIBS POL” virus
  • “Dirección General de la Policía” virus (Spanish version)
  • “EC3 EUROPOL” virus
  • “US Firewall”
  • “FBI Cyber ​​Crimes Unit” virus
  • “Internet Crime Complaint Center” virus
  • “ICE Cyber ​​Crimes Center” virus
  • “International Cyber ​​Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA)” virus
  • “Ioss odunyomos (Greek version)
  • “LANDESPOLIZEIDIREKTION” virus (German version)
  • Ministry of the Interior virus (Slovenian version)
  • “New Zealand Police” virus (New Zealand version)
  • “Police Central Electronic Crime Unit” virus
  • “Police Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Department” virus
  • “Policia Federal” virus (Argentine version)
  • “Policia Bolivia” virus
  • “Polizia Penitenziaria” virus (Italian version)
  • “Police Virus” (Finnish version)
  • “Politie Nederland Cybercriminaliteit” virus
  • “POLÍCIA Departamento Cibercrime” virus (Portuguese version)
  • “Policia de Segurança Pública” virus (Portuguese version)
  • “Police Grand-Ducale Luxembourg” virus
  • “Policie České Republiky” virus (Czech version)
  • “POLITI Kongeriget Danmark” virus (Danish version)
  • “Rikspolisstyrelsen Ukash” virus (Swedish version)
  • “Royal Canadian Police (RCMP)” virus (Canadian version)
  • “Suomen Police” (Suoen Version)
  • Virus “Twój komputer jostel blokodeny” (Polish version)
  • “Uw computer is geblokkeerd” virus (Dutch version)
  • “United Kingdom Police” virus

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