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MyStart by IncrediBar”, is a browser adware and hijacker that changes your browser’s homepage and settings and redirects you when you browse the web. This adware is bundled inside software installers. Once the program is installed, it changes your start page to “”, mimics the Google search engine, and displays ads from online marketing. This adware is also responsible for malware that can harm your computer.


Follow the procedure below to completely remove MyStart by IncrediBar engine and settings.

Step 1. Remove “IncrediBar Toolbar on IE” from your Control Panel.

1. Go to do this Start > Settings > Control Panel.


2. Double click to open “Add or remove programs“.


3. Find in the list of programs and Uninstall/Uninstall these apps:

a. IncrediBar toolbar in IE

b. IB Updater service

c. IB Updater


Step 2. Remove “MyStart” and “IncrediBar” from your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).

Internet Explorer

How to remove MyStart and IncrediBar from Internet Explorer and reset browser settings.

1. Open Internet Explorer and then open “Internet Options“.

To do this, from the IE file menu, select “Tools” > “Internet Options“.

Note*: In recent versions of IE, “Device” symbol image_thumb18_thumb top right.


2. Click on “Complicated” label.


3. selectReinstall“.


4. (to enable).Delete personal settings” box and select “Reset”.


5. After the recovery process is complete, clickShut down” and then select “OK” to exit Internet Explorer options.


6. Restart your browser and keep going to step 3.

Google chrome

How to remove MyStart and IncrediBar from Google Chrome and reset browser settings.

1. Open Google Chrome and Go to the Chrome menu and select “Settings“.


2. find “When it comes to work” section and select “Pages setup“.


3. DeleteMyStart by” on the launch pagesX” icon on the right.


4. Set your favorite home page (eg and “OK“.


5. Go to “to search” section and select “Manage search engines“.


6. Choose your favorite default search engine (e.g. Yahoo search) and “Set as default“.


7. Then select “MyStart Search” search engine and remove it by pressing the buttonX” icon on the right. selectOK“close”Search systems” window.


8. selectExtensions” on the left.


9. At”Extensions” panel, take downIB Updater” by clicking the buttonrecycling bin“The character on this line.


10. Close all Google Chrome windows and prose for Step 3.

Mozilla Firefox

How to remove MyStart and IncrediBar from Mozilla Firefox and reset browser settings.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and “Tools” > “Options


2. At”GeneralGo to “tab, “Homepage” settings and turn”home page and Enter your preferred home page: eg


3. selectAdd-on management“.


4. At”Add-on management” manager, select “Extensions” options on the left and then take down any extension that applies for “”.


5. after “” remove, click “reboot nowto restart Firefox”.


6. After Firefox restarts, go to “” from the Firefox main me” > “Troubleshooting information“.


6. “atTroubleshooting information” window, click “Restore Firefox” button Reset Firefox to its default state.



Firefox will restart after the reset is complete.

7. Click on “OK” to closeSearch engine management” window.

8 Close all Firefox windows and go to the next one Step.

Step 3. Clean up unnecessary files and records.

Use “CCleaner” and continue clean your system is temporary internet files and incorrect registration records.

If you don’t know how to install and use CCleaner, read these instructions.

Step 4. Clean from your computer malicious threats.

Use “MalwareBytes Anti-Malware” to clean from your computer malicious threats.

If you don’t know how to install and use”MalwareBytes Anti-Malware“, read these instructions.

When finished rstart for the changes to take effect on your computer and start working with your computer again.

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