No problem with taskbar icons –

Today, when I turned on my computer, I realized that some of my icons are missing from the taskbar, such as Google Talk, Skype, etc. When I tried to open Google Talk, the program opened normally, but when I tried to minimize it to the taskbar, it didn’t. There was a Google Talk icon. I decided to fix the problem without restarting Windows using the following procedure.

1. Open Windows Task Manager by pressing the button.Ctlr+Alt+Del“at the same time.


In the Processes view, make sure your program is running, for example “googletalk.exe”.


2. selectexplorer.exefinish using “recycle and it”.End the process” button at the bottom right of the Task Manager window.


3. All desktop icons will disappear. Without closing the task manager, go to “File > New task” in the upper left corner of the task manager window.


5. In the Open command window, type “.explorer.exeselect “and then”.OK


After that, Windows Explorer will reload and usually you can see that your desktop and its icons are back, and you can see all the running program icons that appeared on the taskbar again.

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