No Option To Enable Bluetooth Windows 10 – Effective Methods

You may find there is no option to turn on Bluetooth Windows 10. The Bluetooth functionality on your device may not work properly if you have unsuitable apps loaded on your desktop PC. Also, enabling airplane mode is responsible for that.

If you are having trouble with no option to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10, this post will show you how to fix it.

Methods to fix No option to turn on Bluetooth Windows 10

Bluetooth in Windows 10 allows you to wirelessly connect peripherals such as headphones, cameras and speakers, as well as transfer data between your computer and other nearby devices. That’s why it’s frustrating when your Windows 10 device doesn’t have an easy way to turn Bluetooth on and off. By applying these methods, you should claim your freedom of choice.

Get the latest drivers for your PC

In most cases, drivers are out of date, making it necessary to install the latest version available for your computer, be it a laptop, tablet or desktop.

If you’re having Bluetooth issues after upgrading to Windows 10, this fix should help. Get the latest Bluetooth drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s web page.

Uninstall any software that may be causing difficulties

Bluetooth functionality may be interrupted if a large number of users are using multiple wireless clients or administrators. The ideal scenario is to be able to control all wireless networks without installing any other software besides Windows 8.

If you still have problems after updating your Bluetooth drivers, you may want to uninstall any active wireless controllers on your device. Simply stated, your computer should have no controllers other than those built into the system. Since they often interfere with each other, conflicts like the “Cannot turn on Bluetooth” problems are to be expected in Windows 10/11.

Check the Bluetooth compatibility of your device

It’s possible that your Bluetooth drivers are missing or your device doesn’t allow Bluetooth if you don’t have the ability to add Bluetooth to Action Center’s quick list. Find out if your gadget supports Bluetooth and has the correct settings by following these steps:

  • You can access Devices by pressing the Windows key + I, which will bring up the Settings window.
  • If you can access a menu called “Bluetooth and other devices”, your gadget can communicate with other gadgets equipped with Bluetooth technology.
  • If the menu is hidden, type “Device Manager” in the Start menu search field and choose the result that looks like the best match.
  • Verify that the device list includes a Bluetooth selection.
device Manager

Bluetooth may be included in the hidden device list; then, choose View> Show Hidden Devices to determine if Bluetooth is present or not.

If Bluetooth is not included in the list, you can include it in your system using a Bluetooth adapter if it is not already installed. Check the compatibility characteristics of the adapter before making a purchase decision.

Install the Bluetooth module again

It is possible that deleting the device from its installation and then reinstalling it will solve the problem. To do this, first select Device Manager using the context menu that appears after right-clicking the Start button.

device Manager

Locate the Bluetooth device you want to uninstall, right-click on it and select the Uninstall device option.

Uninstall device

Reboot the system. Simply restarting your computer will trigger Windows to perform an automatic installation of the Bluetooth drivers essential for the device to function.

Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter

Press the Windows key and the letter I to launch the Settings screen, then go to the Update & Security menu.

Bluetooth troubleshooting

Choose Troubleshoot from the left menu, then choose Additional troubleshooting tools from the right menu.


Locate the Bluetooth troubleshooter, then select it. After that, choose the option to run the troubleshooter.

find and solve problems

Start backing up your machine. Fix the problem using one of the other techniques described in this tutorial in case the troubleshooter ends the procedure before it is completed.

Bluetooth on off switch Windows 10 missing

Find out if the Bluetooth service is turned on

Open Services by pressing Windows, then typing services.msc in the search box.


Locate the Bluetooth Support Service in the list of services, right click it and choose Start if it is not currently operational.

Bluetooth support services

In case it is on, right click on it and select the Restart option.


Last but not least, you should restart your system.

Turn off airplane mode

After selecting Windows, enter airplane mode in the search bar, then choose the first result.

Flight mode

After opening the window, you need to make sure that the mode is turned off. If you’ve turned on airplane mode, you won’t be able to use devices that use Bluetooth. Now, let’s check to see if this mode is active, as explained above.

Adjust the setting in the registry

Start Registry Editor by pressing Windows, then typing Regedit.


Proceed along the path that is shown below:

Right-clicking the Type string in the right pane will bring up the Edit menu.

Change the data for Value to read 1 instead of 0. Remember to save your changes and then restart your computer.

Turn off fast startup

Additionally, you might also consider turning off Fast Startup, which is a workaround that has proven to be helpful in fixing the issue in certain cases.

  • To do this, launch the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to the Hardware and Sound menu, then look for the Power Options submenu.
  • Inside the left pane, under Choose what the power buttons do, select Choose.
  • To make changes to the settings, click the Change settings that are temporarily unavailable link.
  • Remove the check from the box labeled Turn on fast startup and then select Save changes.

Once done, you can check if the problem with Windows 10 not having the option to turn on Bluetooth has been resolved.

Frequent questions

Why is there no option to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Answer: If you cannot turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10, it is most likely that the Bluetooth driver or the Bluetooth service has been turned off. Therefore, the first thing to do is check if they are turned on. Start Device Manager by right-clicking the Start button and selecting it from the list that appears. This will activate the Bluetooth driver.

How can I get my Bluetooth button back on Windows 10?

Answer: Press “Start”. To access the “Settings” menu, use the gear symbol. Then after select “Devices”. Tap the link that says “More Bluetooth Options” located to the right of this screen. Put a check mark in the checkbox next to “Show Bluetooth icon in notification area” located on the “Options” page of the settings menu. To restart Windows, choose the “OK” button.

Why are my Bluetooth options missing?

Answer- The fact that Bluetooth is not shown in the Settings is often due to the fact that the Bluetooth service has not been activated. Instead of being set to Automatic, the service startup type used is Manual by convention. We could try restarting the service, setting it to start automatically and determining if this fixes the problem or not.

What to do if there is no option to turn on Bluetooth?

Answer: If you can’t turn on Bluetooth, you need to check your settings to see if it’s already turned on.

  • To access the settings, first click the Start button. You can discover Bluetooth and other devices by selecting Devices from the page menu, where the option is located.
  • Choose the More Bluetooth Options button found under Related Settings.
  • Make sure the Show Bluetooth icon in notification area checkbox is selected on the Options page.
  • After clicking Apply, press OK.


Since most modern devices allow for Bluetooth communication, an extensive collection of cables is no longer required to connect a microphone or pair of headphones to a device such as a smartphone or tablet. These are the most popular troubleshooting options that can be used to fix unable to turn on Bluetooth Windows 10 issue.

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