Nest X Yale Lock vs August Smart Lock Pro: Which Smart Lock is Better?

Yale is a popular maker of door locks, and the Google Nest X Yale Lock is one of the first locks from the company. It has a keypad and allows you to unlock the door via the app or passcodes/PINs. Another popular smart door lock is the August Smart Lock Pro. It has a compact design and no keyboard.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro7

As with most smart home products, These two smart locks have a premium price tag. Therefore, This brings us to the question: Should you buy the August Smart Lock Pro over the Nest X Yale Lock? If yes, why?

ok In this post, we’ll learn more as we dig into the August Smart Lock Pro and the Nest X Yale Lock.

So let’s get started. But first,

Door compatibility

Before proceeding, Let’s check the door compatibility of both the smart locks. The Nest x Yale lock will require replacing the existing deadbolt and lock. Works on wood and fiberglass doors. However, It is not compatible with sliding doors or glass doors.

On the other hand, The August Smart Lock Pro works on top of your door’s existing deadbolts. However, It needs to be a cylinder door.


The Nest X Yale Lock includes an exterior escutcheon and keypad. These products pack a modern and stylish look and are especially buttoned up. The sleek design allows it to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home’s decor; Especially if you have modern decor, of course. However, there is no fingerprint reader. The capacitive touchscreen makes entering the PIN very easy.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro

On the other hand, There is a thumb turn on the inside bottom which is required to unlock or unlock the door. This smart lock works on batteries. When the battery runs out of juice, The key must be initialized by installing a 9 volt battery. The good news is that the companion app will alert you when the battery is running low.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro

However, The Nest X Yale lock is not standalone and requires a connectivity update or a Nest Guard module to work. This device does the job of establishing a connection to your home Wi-Fi network.

In contrast to the full-featured look of the Nest X Yale Lock, the August Smart Lock Pro is a simple door handle-style lock. It fits the existing deadbolt on your door. The good news is that the exterior is refined, adding to its grip.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro

This smart lock does not replace your door lock, so you get all the conventional options like manually opening your door with a key. It doesn’t have a key switch and all locking/unlocking happens via a smartphone app linked to the keys.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro

Like its counterpart, It is not standalone and requires a connection module to function. But the good news is that the 4th-gen Apple TV can double as a connection module. Make sure the Apple TV is about to lock.

The best part? The lock unlocks when you approach the door thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Smart features

The Nest X Yale Lock can be controlled via the Nest app. At the same time, If you have other Nest devices, you can control them through them. In addition, You can use the Nest app to lock/unlock and disarm the door.

However, This smart lock supports HomeKit, Alexa, Not compatible with other smart home hubs like IFTTT or SmartThings. You can only use the Nest app, although there are opportunities for future integration.

Other than the above, your phone will alert you when the door is locked or unlocked. More importantly, You will be warned when someone tries to enter an incorrect password. Interestingly, Other Nest smart home devices (if you’re already in the Nest ecosystem) come with a small ‘away ring’ feature that locks the lock when it detects you’re away.

Nest X Yale Lock and August Smart Lock Pro97
Example image: August Smart Lock Pro

As far as guests are concerned, You can set pin numbers and set their expiration dates. Right now you can create up to 20 pins.

Interestingly, the Nest X Yale Lock has a dedicated mode that disables the external keyboard. After opening it, The door can be opened from the inside. This is how you get full control using the key.

As opposed to the above smart lock, August Smart Lock Pro supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa; Apple’s HomeKit; Compatible with many smart assistants, including Z-Wave and Nest. So if you have a smart speaker or a display, you can always request the door lock when you need it for a locked situation. Cool, yes?

You can set Alexa to unlock the door. To do so, you must set a PIN for it. Anyone saying “Alexa, unlock the front door” shouldn’t open the door.

The app has many features including door timing, You can play with other features including auto-lock and smart notifications. You can’t set PINs for your house guest due to the lack of a keyboard. You can install the August app on your guest’s phone. This way you can lock and unlock the door lock. yes You can also set a check-in time or routine for your guests.


So how do these smart locks work in real life? The Nest X Yale Lock won’t include many features. But it does its basic job well—locking and unlocking the door. The folks at PC Mag tested this key and found it to do its job diligently. Never failed to lock the door through the lock and app.

The Assist Auto Lock function works as intended and locks the door automatically. The same can be said for app alerts and notifications.

August Smart Lock Pro works as expected. It easily connects to most smart home devices. The compatibility with the Z-Plus is the cherry on top.

August lock has many positive user reviews with users loving its easy installation process and flawless locking features. No keyboard though. The combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi recognizes your phone and unlocks your door.

Which one should you buy?

So which smart lock should you buy? Nest X Yale Lock suits you with limited smart lock combinations. It works exceptionally well and you get the dual advantage of locking and unlocking the door via the app or keys. Plus, it helps your case if you’re already in the Nest ecosystem.

On the other hand, If you’re looking for a renter-friendly smart home lock, you can’t go wrong with the August Smart Lock Pro. The fact that it’s compatible with multiple smart assistants should be reason enough.

It’s a bit more expensive than the aforementioned counterparts and has a more unconventional approach. In other words, it is exceptionally good.

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