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If others are also having trouble getting the verification code via SMS, then this is most likely a widespread problem. Do not worry; we’ve rounded up the best solutions for your iPhone problems. But first, let’s explore why we were sent a verification code via text message.

My iPhone isn't receiving confirmation texts

My iPhone is not receiving confirmation texts. correction guide.

The answers to such challenges are easy to find if you know what to look for and how to approach them. Below you will find the necessary steps to resolve the issue. So, let’s get down to business.

Fix 1: Check your number

In most cases, this is probably due to a hasty entry of a phone number. This may result in some digits being exchanged, which may delay the delivery of your verification code.

Changing the order of even one digit can prevent your iPhone (or any other phone, for that matter) from sending you a confirmation SMS.

If the number you provided is incorrect, enter the correct one and tap Send Confirmation Text or the appropriate version for your iPhone to receive the confirmation text.

Fix 2: Turn airplane mode on and off

If you need to focus on your work without interruptions, airplane mode might be the way to go. Thank goodness you no longer have to deal with annoying alerts, beeps or pop-ups.

No need to keep your phone on airplane mode all day if you don’t want to. you can set your limits. What do you do when your significant other asks what you want to eat?

Maybe your child needs to tell you something important. Try it for a few hours and see what you can do. Also, if your iPhone isn’t accepting verification codes, putting it on airplane mode for 10-20 seconds can help.

Fix 3: Delete messages

We can all admit that at some point we have signed up for a bunch of junk emails that have nothing to do with us. Checking your inbox will prevent spam from overwhelming it.

Your inbox may have a limit on the number of messages, so if you continue to be bombarded with messages, other senders may stop bothering you. This may be why your iPhone should send you a confirmation SMS.

Usually, when your inbox gets too full, you’ll get a warning. If you’re not getting any notifications, but you think you’re missing messages because your inbox is crowded, try clearing out all junk mail and inappropriate communications. Receive the text again and check if the problem persists.

Fix 4: Turn off message filtering

Contrary to popular belief, Apple has included iOS APIs that allow third-party apps to detect and alert users to telemarketing and text message (SMS) spam attempts.

In iOS 16, Apple will improve the SMS filtering API to work with different categories of Message apps. Originally released in 2017 with iOS 11, this API is most useful for integrating spam database applications with Apple’s Messages app.

After doing this, any future messages from that number will be sent to a different inbox. With the latest version of iOS, developers will have even more options to categorize and delete unwanted messages.

Fix 5: Turn off SMS messaging

You may lose the ability to send and receive text messages if you accidentally turn on airplane mode. Make sure airplane mode is turned off and try again. In the “Settings” submenu, find the “Airplane mode” option.

You can turn it off when you’re done. Alternatively, there should be an airplane mode switch on your phone’s speed dial. We have to get rid of it now. If your device doesn’t automatically go into airplane mode, you need to turn it on.

Turn off after 10-20 seconds of use. Sometimes the inability to send SMS messages is caused by the installation of a third-party program. You probably don’t use the phone’s default messaging app. The only choice is to set the default SMS app or use the default app to send texts.

When a problem occurs, it is better to clear the cache and information from the third-party messaging programs you use. The built-in SMS client can be updated in this way.

Even if you clear your phone’s cache or data, your SMS and other private messages will still be stored on the device.

Fix 6: If nothing works, restore your iPhone to factory settings

However, there are circumstances in which resetting your iPhone to its original factory settings may be the best option. This is a last resort because factory reset iPhone involves deleting all your data and starting from scratch.

If you restore your iPhone to its factory settings, any content you’ve downloaded, photos you’ve taken, contacts you’ve saved, and preferences you’ve changed will be deleted. Make sure you have a backup of your data before proceeding.

What is the purpose of your iPhone SMS verification code?

The Short Message Service allows you to send and receive text messages via mobile phones and other electronic devices (SMS).

Many websites, such as those owned by banks, social media platforms, and brick-and-mortar stores, require users to verify their identity before providing personal information.

To make sure no one accesses your account online, many services will send you a verification code via text message. Because it involves both the computer and your phone in the authentication process, they guarantee your authentication.

There are many different authentication methods available today, but code verification is one of the most widely used. Several websites rely on it as a means of authentication. To name a few examples:

  • Relevant online banking centers of public and private banks
  • Online platforms and their corresponding mobile software
  • Platforms for social media

A typical process involves the company sending a one-time code via text message to the user’s mobile phone. After receiving the message on their phone, the user is responsible for entering the code on the organization’s website or emailing it back.

Sending a verification code via text message is a more secure way to authenticate. This is because authentication requires two distinct actions. However, entering a password is the only necessary step when logging in to a computer.

You must be authenticated before accessing the website. You can enter your mobile phone number as a verification option and receive the code through the website. You can authenticate yourself on the site by re-entering this code.


Not receiving confirmation texts on your iPhone can be very frustrating. However, as mentioned in the article, there are many fixes that you can try.

By now surely you can solve your query about why my iPhone is not receiving confirmation texts. Here I conclude my article.

I hope this article was useful for you. Stay tuned for more informative articles.

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