iOS 16: What is ‘iPhone Charging’? What should I do if I see it?

iOS 16 adds a depth effect on the lock screen; It brings some features like personalized spatial audio and live captions to the iPhone. However, iOS 16 has a feature that took some time to discover, how it pauses iPhone charging when it reaches a certain temperature level. If you’ve encountered this error message, here’s what exactly happened and how to deal with it.

Once you receive this warning, your iPhone will stop supplying power. It is said that it will restart when the iPhone returns to normal temperature, but there are ways to prevent it from happening at all. Before entering it, Let us understand the need and importance of this feature.

iPhone temperature charging: a much needed feature

When Apple introduced the battery health level indicator on the iPhone; This made us very conscious of the 100% fill rate. Many users, including us, are looking for features to keep the battery safe and healthy. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that high battery temperatures are a major factor in decreasing battery health.

Earlier, Apple used to provide a full-screen warning when your iPhone’s temperature exceeds permissible levels, even while charging. However, with iOS 16, Apple took a step further to suspend iPhone charging without manual intervention when the temperature rises.


This is a much needed feature as it keeps the battery safe and prevents further heating. It also prevents overheating that could potentially damage other internal components of the iPhone.

But why is overheating bad for batteries? Let’s find out.

Lithium Ion Batteries and Overheating.

Lithium-ion batteries are heat resistant. When they are exposed to high temperatures, it affects the chemical reactions within them. The electrolyte in the battery facilitates the movement of ions across the anode and cathode.

However, The electrolyte is quite sensitive to thermal changes, and at high temperatures they can crystallize and block the anodes and cathodes.

This stops them from storing lithium ions. Simply put, excess heat inhibits the normal functioning of the battery. This increases battery life and, when repeated, degrades the battery’s health over time.

Therefore, you must be careful about this. In the next part of the article, let’s understand how to prevent your iPhone from overheating while charging and how to fix the ‘iPhone Charging Paused’ message.

iPhone Charging Error Message: What to Do?

Here are some ways to ensure your iPhone is at ambient temperature and prevent the ‘Charging iPhone’ notification from showing up in iOS 16.

1. Remove your iPhone Case.

If you’re using a thick back cover for your iPhone, it can help trap heat. So if you feel your device getting hot, remove your case while charging. This will allow better ventilation for your iPhone and won’t trap heat.

2. Move to an environment with less heat.

Apple recommends using your iPhone at temperatures below 45°C (113°F). So if you’re charging your device with a power bank in the hot sun, try charging your iPhone indoors. This can prevent iPhone charging by suspending from appearing in iOS 16.

3. Avoid charging in the car.

It’s convenient to put your device on your car’s wireless charging pad, but you need to be careful with your iPhone because the sun can easily heat up your car. This can also heat up the battery. So charge your device only when needed in the car.

4. Unplug your iPhone.

If you notice your iPhone getting hot while charging, unplug your iPhone from the power source and let it cool down a bit. Plug it back in again and check if the temperature is normal. If it reheats quickly, You may need to verify the authenticity of your accessories or contact Apple Support.

5. Use only MFI-Certified Accessories.

Have you found a cheap iPhone power adapter and lightning cable? If you are tempted to buy one of these, we suggest you avoid them. MFI – Make a purchase only after you need to check the MFI made for iPhone/iPad certification.

Here is the list of MFI authorized manufacturers as stated by Apple. (Make sure you agree to the terms to view the listing.). These manufacturers make accessories for your iPhone that have passed all quality tests and will not harm or damage your device when using the accessories.

6. Select slow charging.

Fast charging speeds up chemical reactions, so more heat is generated. So if your device heats up while charging, Be sure to use a low-rated power adapter for a while until it cools down. This will help iPhone charging on pending notification.

7. Turn off the power and wait for the iPhone to cool down.

Finally, you can turn off the device and wait for the iPhone to cool down. Once the temperature returns to normal, you can start again. Here’s how to power down your iPhone.

Step 1: First, You need to turn off your device.

  • On iPhone X and above: Press and hold the volume up and side buttons.
  • iPhone SE 2nd or 3rd gen; In the 7 and 8 series: Press and hold the side button.
  • iPhone SE 1st gen; 5s. 5c or 5 in: Press and hold the power button on the top.
Restart iPhone.

Step 2: Drag the power slider to turn off the device.

Step 3: Once the iPhone has cooled down, turn on your device by pressing and holding the Power button on your iPhone.

These are all ways to deal with ‘iPhone charging pending’ warning. If you have any additional questions, You can read our FAQ section.

FAQs on charging iPhone with pause in iOS 16

1. How long does it take for an iPhone to cool down?

It takes a few minutes, but no more than 5-10 minutes.

2. Do Spigen Cases cause overheating?

Spigen says their cases are designed to dissipate heat efficiently.

3. Can wireless charging cause overheating?

Using an MFi-certified wireless charger for your iPhone, you don’t have to worry about overheating.

4. Does overheating damage the lightning port?

Overheating can damage the iPhone’s internals, but with iOS 16’s new mechanism to suspend iPhone charging, you can prevent damage.

Maximize your iPhone’s battery life.

These are all ways to prevent or fix iPhone charging paused due to temperature error message. In addition, It is recommended to follow good charging habits and charge your iPhone only when necessary or at least not to let the battery drain to zero all the time. In addition, We also recommend following these tips to maintain your iPhone’s battery health.

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