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If you want to learn how to view folder size or file size in SharePoint Online, continue reading below. This guide contains instructions on how to view the total size and file size of each SharePoint site folder.

How to check the storage capacity of an Office365 SharePoint site.

To view the total size and available memory of a SharePoint site:

1. Introduction to the Office 365 admin center.
2. Click the Show All button on the left, and then click SharePoint.
Expansion Sites and press Active sites.
At the top right of the page, see the amount of memory used by all sites and the total memory for your subscription.

View storage size SharePoint

How to view the size of files or folders in SharePoint Online.

A. How to view the size of each file in SharePoint documents:

To know the size of each file in SharePoint Documents library:

1. Select in SharePoint Documents on the left.
2. press Add column and select Show/hide columns.

How to view file sizes in SharePoint Online.

3. check the File size check box, and then click Please apply.

SharePoint file size

4. In File size column, you can see the file size of each individual file in your SharePoint site.

View file size SharePoint Online

B. How to view the size of SharePoint site folders and files:

To find the file size or the total size of each folder in a SharePoint Online site:

1. Choose Site content on the left and press Site settings.

SharePoint Online: How to view the size of folders and files.

2. Click on site settings Storage indicators under Site collection administration.

SharePoint storage metrics

3. View the Total Size column to see the size of each folder or file in your SharePoint site.

The total size is SharePoint

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