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If you bought a new computer and want to connect to a wireless network, but forgot the Wi-Fi password, this article will help you find the Wi-Fi password on your old Windows 10/11 computer.

If you forget your Wi-Fi password, you can always find the default Wi-Fi password on the back of your ADSL modem/router and use it to connect to the Wireless network.

However, if you have changed your Wi-Fi password in the past, the only way to regain access to the wireless network is to reset your ADSL modem to default settings or find the Wi-Fi password from your old computer or other Windows 10/ From 11 devices.

In this guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to view saved Wi-Fi passwords and wireless networks in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

How to Find Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 10/11

  1. See the Wi-Fi password in the wireless properties.
  2. View saved wireless passwords from the command line.
  3. Get a list of all saved Wi-Fi passwords using PowerShell.
  4. Find saved Wi-Fi passwords with the password unlocker.

Method 1: How to find the Wi-Fi password of an active wireless connection.

If you only want to see the Wi-Fi password for the active network connection. *

*Note: Use this method if you want to find the password for a wireless network you are already connected to. If you want to see all saved passwords on your Windows 10/11 computer, use one of the remaining methods.

1. click on Windows key + R to open Running dialog box.

2. Type ncpa.cpl box and click Enter To open the Network Connections page.

Network connections

3. Right click on your Wi-Fi adapter and select Status from options.

network connection status

4. Choose Wireless features.

Wireless features

5. In Safety tab, check the box next to it Show characters to view the Wi-Fi password for the connected wireless network.

1.View the Wi-Fi password in the wireless properties

Method 2: How to use command line to view saved Wi-Fi passwords.

The command line can be used to view Wi-Fi passwords for all previously connected wireless networks.

1. Type CMD Click on the search box and select Run as administrator.

2. Type the following command and click Enter to view all saved Wireless profiles.

show netsh wlan profiles

View wireless profiles - Command line.

3. After running the above command, you should see all the wireless networks you have connected to in the past. Find the wireless network for which you want to unlock the Wi-Fi password and issue the following command to view the password: *

  • show netsh wlan profile name=”Vrelentless-name” key = clean

*Note: Change”Vireless – Noun” with the name of the Wi-Fi network whose password you want to find.

For example, in this example we want to show the password of the wireless network “TECNO CANON 12”. So the command is:

  • netsh wlan show profile name = “Tecno Canon 12” key = clear

4. Next to the command mentioned above, it will display the Wi-Fi password The main content In the “Security Settings” section. *

Show wireless password command

Note: Alternatively, if you know the name of the Wi-Fi network and only want to see the password, you can use the following command.

  • show netsh wlan profile name=”network name key=clear | find /I “Main Content”

How to view saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10/11.

Method 3: View saved wireless passwords from PowerShell.

If you want to see a list of all connected wireless networks with their passwords, do the following:

1. It’s open PowerShell As an administrator.
2. To display all Wi-Fi networks and their passwords, issue the following command

  • (show netsh wlan profiles) | Select-String “\:(.+)$” | %{$name=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{(netsh wlan show profile name=”$name” key=clear)} | Select the line “Main content\W+\:(.+)$” | %{$pass=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | %{[PSCustomObject]@{ PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass }} | Format – Table – Auto Size

View saved Wi-Fi passwords from PowerShell

Method 4: View your saved WIFI passwords using a password unlocker.

Another way to view all your saved Wi-Fi passwords is to use a freeware program WiFi password unlocker by Magical Jelly Bean.

1. Download and install WiFi password unlocker From Magical Jelly Bean

2. After installation, open the program to see a table with all the WIFI passwords for all the wireless networks you are connected to.

See Saved Wi-Fi Passwords Password Cracker

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