How to view locked Hidden album on iPhone

Sometimes you may not want certain pictures you took with your iPhone or iPad to have pride of place in your photo library, but you don’t want to delete them just like that – for any reason. For this reason, Apple has always placed a Hidden Album in the Photos app. In this article we will show you how view Hidden album locked on iPhone.

In previous versions of iOS, the problem was that the hidden album was still fully visible in the Albums section of the Photos app. Or you could hide it in the Photos app and it would still be visible in the image picker of third-party apps, making it completely invisible. Below we have mentioned the steps to view locked Hidden album on iPhone.

How to view locked Hidden album on iPhone

Lock Hidden iPhone Photos

Removes hidden photos on iPhone from the camera roll. You can find these images in the Hidden album, but they are still on your phone. Your hidden images will still be visible to anyone with access to your phone until you unhide the Hidden album. If you want to use Face ID or Touch ID to secure the secret folder, your iOS device must be running version 16 or later and support those biometric authentication methods.

  • If you haven’t already, update your iPhone to iOS 16 (or your iPad to iPadOS 16).
  • In the Settings app, select “Photos” from the menu
  • To use Face ID to protect the Hidden album, turn on the switch labeled “Use Face ID.”
  • If you don’t want the Hidden album to be shown in the Albums section, you can turn off the “Show Hidden Album” option.
  • The Photos app can be accessed by selecting Albums from the app’s main menu and then scrolling to the bottom of the screen. The Hidden and Recently Deleted playlists will now have a green key symbol next to them. iOS 16 on the iPhone adds a secret album lock
  • That’s it. The contents of the Hidden album can only be viewed after authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or a password.

See iPhone Hidden Photos

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone to see your secret photos.
  • In the Photos app, select “Album” from the menu bar.
  • Go to the bottom of the “Album” page. Then tap “Hidden,” under “Other Albums.”
  • The “Hidden” album can be found in the “Utilities” section of some versions of iOS.
  • You can see your hidden media on the “Hidden” album screen. One tap on the desired image or clip will reveal it from the list. Click the share button in the lower left corner of the screen after the content expands to fill the screen.
  • Select “Hide” from the share menu.
  • To top it off, everyone can view the selected video or photo you’ve uploaded to Photos.

Final Words

Although the Google Play Store and the App Store are full of third-party apps to hide photos. It’s a bit risky to trust any app with your private media. If you prefer Google’s secure folder, you can use it to safely hide documents as well as pictures and videos. If you find that you are running out of storage space, you can always consider moving your photos to Synology NAS.

I hope you understand this article, How to view locked Hidden album on iPhone.

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