How to view and access all installed apps and programs in Windows 8 and 8.1 Modern UI –

Currently, all new computers have Windows 8 OS installed, so many users who sit in front of this new Windows 8 interface for the first time will find out that the latest Operating System has changed its appearance dramatically.

The first thing the user will discover is the classic “All ProgramsThere is no ” menu in the new modern interface of Windows 8.Subway“. So where”All Programs” in Windows 8? “All Programs“button is now called “All apps” and can be accessed in the Metro interface as follows:

1. “By clickingCtrl+Tab” buttons.

2. Right click with your mouse to the space”Start” screen and then select “All apps“.



  • If you want to see and access all installed apps”Work table“interface, then you need to click “.windows” + “q” buttons. This key combination “to search” function to search for installed application.

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