How to use your phone as a webcam in Windows 10. –

If you are looking for easy ways to use your Android phone or iPhone as a webcam in Windows 10, then continue reading below as this guide will guide you on how to do it.

Webcams are expensive to buy and are not readily available these days. For those who regularly communicate with colleagues through video conferencing software, this can be a huge inconvenience. However, the good news is that you can use your Android or iPhone as a webcam on Windows 10.

Now that you know you have a solution in your pocket, all that’s left to do is connect your phone to your computer and use it as a webcam. So let’s start with the steps you need to take to make it happen!

How to turn your phone into a webcam in Windows 10.

How to use your Android phone’s camera as a webcam in Windows 10.

1. On your Android device: Open the Google Play Store and search for and installation DroidCam app.

2. On your Windows 10 computer: Download the DroidCam Windows client.

How to use an Android phone as a webcam in Windows 10.

How to use a phone as a webcam in Windows 10

3. Double-click the “DroidCam.Setup” app. hit The next one and follow the rest of the instructions to install DroidCam CLient.

*Note: If you get a Windows Security window, click Installation Click the button to continue the installation.


4. After the “DroidCam CLient” software is installed on your computer, open it.

5. Select the connection type (Wi-fi or USB)* with your Android phone (by selecting the appropriate icon) and check both Video and Audio cells. *

*Note: Since it is more convenient to use the Android camera as a webcam over WiFi, we will show the WiFi connection in this guide.


6. Open it now DroidCam Open the app on your Android phone and tap on it File icon in the upper right corner.

a. Choose whether you want to use the front or rear camera. *

b. Reminder the Wi-Fi IP address and Port of DroidCam (eg “4747”).

Note: If you are using an older version of the DroidCam app on your Android device, click on it More click on the button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the screen and select Camera from the list of available options. Then select your preferred camera.


7. Now go back to your computer and log in DroidCam client, and…

a. Yes Device IP field: Enter Android WiFi IP address as it appears DroidCam app on your Android phone. (eg “”) and…

b. …then write Port of DroidCam number (eg “4747”).


8. Finally click on Start Click the button to start using your Android as a webcam. *

*Note: If you’re having trouble using DroidCam, make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

Webcam for Android

9. Go ahead and select DroidCam to work with your video conferencing software on your PC DroidCam as standard source device for video & audioin application settings.*

* For example: If you are using Scale to communicate with others, open Scale Settings and select Video capabilities. Then select “DroidCam Source 2” or “DroidCam Source 3” as the default camera. Likewise, go to Audio settings and select “DroidCam Virtual Audio” to make your Android device’s microphone the default input.


10. Now you are ready to use your Android device as a webcam in Windows 10.

How to use iPhone as a webcam in Windows 10. *

*Note: Several iOS apps allow users to use their iPhone as a webcam. In this guide, we recommend using DroidCam or EpocCam for this purpose.

If you want to use your iPhone as a webcam DroidCam On your Windows PC, install DroidCam for iOS on your phone and follow the steps mentioned above to proceed.

To use your iPhone camera as a webcam with EpoCam on your Windows 10 PC:

1. Install EpocCam Camera on your iPhone.

2a. EpocCam requires a certain set of drivers to run on Windows 10 or macOS. So go to Elgato download site and select EPOCCAM and Windows As your OS.


2b. Click the download button to download the EpocCam software.

Use your iPhone as a webcam

3. Once EpocCam is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and follow the setup wizard’s installation instructions to install it.

4. When done, open it EpocCam app On the iPhone and Allow EpocCam to access your iPhone camera.

use your iphone camera as a webcam

5. now, open the EpocCam camera your iPhone and allow it to connect to your computer. When this is done, you will see the following notification. *

*Note: Your iPhone and computer must be on the same network to establish a connection.


7. When the connection is established, open your video conferencing software and select EpocCam as the default camera in the Video and audio settings.

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