How To Use Shazam Android Widget To Stay On Home Screen

Shazam is a handy music recognition app that can easily be counted as one of the best lyrics apps. Shazam’s new and innovative ways to delight its users are amazing. There are countless tracks that you can discover on this song lyrics app. After you install the app, you need to register. In this article we will show you how Use Shazam Android Widget To Stay On Home Screen.

One of the best things about the Shazam app is, it doesn’t require you to log in to use the app and still use it. Along with high-resolution square thumbnails, the app has a transparent and white interface that makes it effortless for the user to navigate. Below we have mentioned the steps to Use Shazam Android Widget to Stay on Home Screen.

How To Use Shazam Android Widget To Stay On Home Screen

Download or update Shazam from the Google Play Store. Any Android smartphone running Android 9 or later will get the latest version of the app. Long press on an empty space on the home screen, tap Widgets, and scroll down to find the Shazam for Android widget. Then press and hold the widget icon and drag it to the Home screen.

When the widget identifies a song, it displays the song title, artist, and any available albums or covers. The app makes it easy to find the song information later by providing a continuous notification in the phone’s notification dropdown. It also provides links to quickly access song lyrics or share the information with others.

Widgets have seen an uptick since the changes in Android 12, so the Shazam widget can be resized if there isn’t enough space on home screens. It can be as small as a 1×1 widget that displays the app logo as before, but still acts as a one-tap music identifier rather than an app shortcut button. The widget can also be made large enough to cover the entire home screen. However, there is no additional information and it only enlarges the button.

Users can also use Google Assistant to find and identify music on their Android smartphones. However, it is slower than the Shazam widget and takes the user away from the home screen by bringing up the result through a Google search, while Shazam provides a discrete notification that the user can receive later.

Final Words

The Shazam app for Android and iPhone is one of the few apps that allows you to find songs based on song lyrics, which is nothing short of a miracle. If you have an Apple Watch or Android Wear, you can shazam any song in seconds right from your wrist. There is also an option to see all your past shazams right on your smartwatch.

I hope you understand this article, How To Use Shazam Android Widget To Stay On Home Screen.

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