How to use Pixel Watch to locate your phone

The Google Pixel Watch may not be a perfect smartwatch, but it’s the device that Pixel Phone users have been waiting for. Good looks, smart software, and the help of Fitbit’s fitness tracking features are a strong indication of a first-generation device. In this article we will try to show you high-tech how use Pixel Watch to find your phone.

The best of Google and Fitbit together? It sounded almost too good to be true; and by and large, it fulfills its promise. The Google apps run smoothly and Fitbit’s health monitoring is as comprehensive as ever. Battery life feels very un-Fitbit, and the large bezel is a missed opportunity. Below are the steps to use Pixel Watch to locate your phone.

How to use Pixel Watch to locate your phone

  • Press the haptic crown on your Pixel Watch to wake the device. Now, there are two ways to use your watch to find your phone.
  • Swipe down on the screen to access the quick toggles.
  • Find the icon that looks like a phone with two partial circles and a tap on it.
  • Scroll until you see Find my phone in the list and tap it.
  • After you use either of these methods, your watch will display a phone call and a circled X to cancel the action.

As long as your phone is within Bluetooth range and connected to your Pixel Watch, it will start ringing. This works even if your phone is set to silent or vibrate.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to use Pixel Watch to locate your phone will help you and solve all your problems. As you’d expect, the Pixel Watch uses a suite of Google services with Wear OS and adds almost every program that a person might use on a daily basis. These include: Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Pay, Google Home, YouTube Music and Google Assistant.

I hope you understand this article, How to use Pixel Watch to locate your phone.

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