How to Use Dynamic Lock on Your Windows 11 PC

How many times have you left your computer without leaving it? It’s fine if you’re at home. However, we do not recommend doing so in public places such as coffee shops or your workplace. your banking details on your computer; saved passwords; Contains images and other essential files; It needs protection from prying eyes and malicious users.

To counter such situations, Windows 11 includes a security feature called Dynamic lock that can deny unauthorized access to your PC while you’re away. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how to quickly open it on your Windows 11 computer.

What is Dynamic Lock? How does it work?

Dynamic lock is a useful security feature built into Windows that allows you to automatically lock your computer whenever you leave it, essentially providing a layer of security.

The Dynamic lock function measures the Bluetooth received signal strength index (RSSI) value of paired Bluetooth devices to determine their proximity to your computer. If the signal from the paired device drops below the maximum Received Signal Strength Index (RSSI) value (measured in dB or Decibels). A dynamic lock mechanism automatically locks your computer.

After pairing your device with your computer via Bluetooth and enabling the Dynamic lock function, Windows can use RSSI to detect when you are away from your computer. If a Bluetooth device paired with your computer goes out of range and is not detected within 30 seconds. Windows will automatically lock your computer. This feature makes it difficult for anyone to gain unauthorized access to your computer if you leave it unlocked.

How to Enable Dynamic Lock on Your Windows 11 PC

To use the Dynamic lock feature in windows 11; You need to pair your smartphone or other device to your PC via Bluetooth; So it can detect if you are near your computer; Enable the Dynamic lock feature under Sign-in options.

That is, Here’s how you can pair a device to your Windows 11 PC using Bluetooth and quickly enable the dynamic lock feature:

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys on the keyboard to open the Settings app. Then click on the ‘Bluetooth & Devices’ option from the left panel.

Step 2: On the ‘Bluetooth and devices’ page, Press the Bluetooth button to turn it on. Then click on add device option.

Step 3: When the Add a device dialog appears on the screen, Tap the Bluetooth option.

Step 4: Take a moment to scan the available devices and click on your device’s name once it appears in the list.

Step 5: Accept the pairing request on your device and see if the displayed PIN matches the PIN on your PC. If the PIN matches, click Connect.

Step 6: After you get the message ‘Your device is ready’. Click Done.

Now if you have successfully paired your smartphone with your Windows 11 PC. Follow the steps below to enable Dynamic Lock.

Step 7: On the System or Bluetooth & Devices screen, click the Accounts option in the left pane.

Step 8: On the Accounts page, Click on the option titled ‘Login Options’.

Step 9: On the ‘Login Options’ screen, scroll down. Then click on the Dynamic lock drop-down.

Step 10: Tap ‘Allow windows’ to automatically lock your device while you’re away. Check the check box by clicking on it.

After enabling the Dynamic Lock feature on your Windows 11 PC, You will see the name of your paired smartphone or device under the Dynamic lock section.

Meanwhile, If the Dynamic lock does not work with the paired device. Unpair your device and reconnect it to your PC or see our troubleshooting guide on the four best ways to fix Dynamic lock in Windows 11.

Deny authorized access to your PC.

Once you enable Dynamic lock in Windows 11 by following the above steps, Your PC will be connected to your PC in close proximity to the paired device to ensure that your computer does not stray far from your paired smartphone or device.

If the paired device is not nearby Dynamic lock will automatically lock your PC within 30 seconds. This feature is great if you want to protect your privacy and deny unauthorized access to your Windows 11 PC while away from the keyboard.

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