How to use Boot UI Tuner to enable Advanced Options menu in Windows 8 –

In the previous article, we will explain how to enter Windows 8 safe mode from the new GUI Windows interface or using an executable command. In this tutorial, we’re doing the same, using a free and portable program called “.Loading UI Tuner” presented by WinAero.

The advantage of using “Loading UI Tuner” will start every time your computer restarts (until the troubleshooting is complete) without booting into Windows each time to activate the Advanced boot menu options.

Download and use Loading UI Tuner.

1. Download Boot UI Tuner application from here.


2. Select “Save“”” file.


3. When the download is complete, selectOpen the folder“.


4. Right click on “BootUITuner” file and select “Take it all apart“.


5. Leave the default options for the output and select “Extract“.


After the extraction is complete, you will see two extracted folders on the screen.

Windows 8 x64: contains the software version for 64-bit operating systems.

Windows 8 x86 : contains the program version for 32-bit operating systems.


6. Open the folder corresponding to your operating system version and double-click to open “bootuituner” application.


7. At”Windows has secured your computerClick on the “security warning” buttonlearn more“.


8. On the next screen, selectRun anyway“.


9. At the next security warning, select “Yes“.


10. In the Boot UI Tuner options window, check “Enable advanced boot menu options“.


11. Close the program and restart your computer.

When your computer restarts, an advanced options menu will appear on the screen.

From here you can select any option to troubleshoot your operating system*.


Note*: If you “F10On the above screen, click on the ” button, then you will be able to boot into recovery media to restore your computer to its previous state.


12. After finishing troubleshooting, “BootUITuner” app again and select “Standards” to return the settings to their default values.


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