How to Uninstall Android Update

If you’ve ever tried to roll back an Android app to an older version, you probably quickly discovered that Android doesn’t. (At least for third-party installations. You can technically reset system apps, but that’s not without its limitations, which we’ll get to in a moment.) Almost all applications have regular updates. Some are security updates that contain bug fixes and fixes for performance issues. In this article we will try to teach you how to Uninstall Android Update.

While others are feature updates that include new additions to the app. But no matter the context, sometimes an update doesn’t suit us. And we really wish we could go back to the way things were. On Android, you can somehow. It may look complicated, but it is not impossible. Below we have mentioned the steps to downgrade Android updates.

How to Uninstall Updates on Android

uninstall Android updates via settings

  • Open your mobile device.
  • Go to your mobile settings.
  • Tap the search menu in mobile settings.
  • Type “Apps.”
  • Open the Apps menu and tap on “software update.”
  • You can get the details option there.
  • Clear data by clicking clear.

Uninstall Android updates via factory reset

  • Go to your “Settings App”.
  • Navigate to “System.”
  • Tap “Reset.”
  • Tap “Reset Phone.”

Final Words

We hope our article on ways to Uninstall Updates on Android will help you and solve all your problems. When it comes to uninstalling updates for apps on your Android smartphone, the process will be different for system apps and third-party apps. System apps are the ones that come pre-installed on your phone. If you want to know how to Uninstall Updates on an Android smartphone then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Uninstall Android Update.

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