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If you recently bought a new Windows phone to replace your old Android phone, you probably want to transfer all your contacts from your Android phone to your Windows phone. This guide is written for all users who want to transfer all (or specific) contacts from an Android phone to a new Windows phone. The method described here is very simple and can be done by anyone.

Before proceeding with these steps, make sure that you already have a Google (Gmail) account and that you have set up (added) this account on your Android phone. If you don’t have a Google account, you can easily create one here (it’s free): Create a Google Account.

The next thing you need to transfer your contacts from your Android mobile device to your Windows mobile device (using this method) is to have a Microsoft account (Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook) and set up (Add) this account . Windows Phone. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create a new one here: Sign up for a Microsoft account.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Windows Mobile.

After adding your Google Account from your Android phone, sync your Android phone contacts with your Google Account contacts. For this:

  1. On your Android phone, go to “.Settings” > “Accounts and sync.
  2. underManage accounts”, select (or “Add”) is the Google account used to import WLM contacts.
  3. Finally click onSynchronize contacts“.

Information: When you sync your Android mobile device with your Google account, you sync all your phone contacts, calendar, and Google mail to that account and vice versa. So, if you open your Google account from any computer or mobile device and go to the Google contacts page, for example, you can see that all your contacts on your Android phone are also stored online.

The next step is to export your Google contacts:

Step 1: Export Google Contacts.

From a desktop computer:

1. Introduction your Gmail account.

sing on google

2. In the main Gmail window, click drop down arrow next to itGmailSelect ” and “Contacts“.



3. InContactson page “More” menu and select “Export“. *

*Note: By doing this, you will export (and transfer) all your Android contacts to Windows Phone. If you want to transfer specific contacts or Group(s), you must select those contacts (or Groups) before selecting the Export option.


4. At”Export contactsOn the ” page, select “Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account)” option and press “Export“.*

Note: At”Which contact do you want to export?you must choose “you”.Selected contacts” If you want to transfer only selected contacts contacts to your Windows Phone or “Group (Group Name)” if you want to transfer a specific group or groups.


4. Finally click onSave” and save the exported contacts file “google.csv” on your computer (eg “Downloads” folder).


5. Close Google Mail.

Step 2. Import Google contacts to Windows Live (Hotmail, Outlook live).

1. Log in your Windows Live (Hotmail) account using a desktop computer: Windows Live (Hotmail) login page


2. In the main window, click drop down arrow next to itOutlookSelect ” and “People“.



3. “atPeopleOn the ” page, click “Start importing” symbol.


4. At”Import contacts” page, select import.Google” (symbol).


5. At”Import contacts from GoogleOn the ” page, select “Review“.


6. Go to the location where you saved the “google.csv” file, in the previous step “google.csv” file and click “It’s open“.


7. Click on “Upload“.


8. Finally, check that all the imported contacts are displayed correctly, and then click the button.Import” button.


Close Windows Live and sync your Windows Phone with your Windows Live account.

How to Sync Windows Live Contacts to Your Windows Phone

Before continuing, add your Microsoft account to your Windows phone (if you haven’t already). {“Add an account” > “Microsoft account” (or “Windows Live”) > Enter your MS account username and password and click “log in}.

1. From Windows Phone”List of applicationsGo to “”.Settings” > “Email + accounts“.*

2. “Touch and hold your Microsoft account.sync” option.

3. Tap “sync” to sync your Windows Live contacts with your Windows Phone.

You are done!

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