How to track a cell phone easily, quickly and safely

Any mobile phone can be tracked – and even recovered – if you’re lucky. And of course: it’s easier to do with a “smart” model, although older models can also be tracked. In the following guide we explain What cell phone tracking easy, fast and safe.

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How to track a cell phone with third party apps

Avast Antivirus and Security

The name Avast should sound familiar to many PC users. The app is more of a complete package, offering virus detection and protection, backup and power saving options, as well as anti-theft options. You can remotely lock or wipe your smartphone and listen in remotely, among many other options.

You can also turn on stealth mode on your device so that no thief knows that Avast is protecting your phone.

Avast also provides SIM change notifications and customizations, and the company offers similar services for Android, Mac, and PC. Avast offers an all-in-one app for protecting devices from viruses and thieves, as long as you’re willing to pay for the premium service.

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Look out

Lookout combines security, tracking, and antivirus and malware protection. Key features include the ability to record the phone’s last location just before the battery died, the ability to back up contact details before deleting the information remotely, and an option to take a picture of a would-be thief and send it by email forward with location data.

Lookout offers Wi-Fi Safe and System Advisor features to protect you from Wi-Fi attacks and check your device to make sure the operating system is working properly. It is free, but you can contract the Premium version for $30 dollars a year or the Premium Plus for $100 dollars a year.

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Its use is free for three devices, you have the option of paying to access more features and the service can be used on computers and mobile phones. After creating an account, all you have to do is sync your devices, and relax.

The day your phone is lost, all you have to do is log into a computer and find it.

The app works discreetly on the smartphone and won’t find your phone until you command it, so there’s no need to worry about privacy while the phone is in your possession. We recommend it for any Android or iOS device, and Mac, Windows or Linux computers.

Recent updates have improved network settings, enabled TouchID and Face ID on iOS, and extended functionality to Chromebooks. The Camouflage feature has been removed from Android.

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For non-smartphones

We recommend using a GPS tracking service. There are many different options though Accu Tracking is our favourite.

Accu Tracking

AccuTracking uses GPS to track your phone’s location and works with a wide variety of features. As long as your phone has GPS enabled – and almost all of them do – AccuTracking should help you find it. When the day comes when you can’t find your phone, connect to AccuTracking’s web interface from any computer connected to the Internet. And as long as your phone is not switched off, it will show you its location.

The service offers a free trial and four plans that cost $13, $16, $21, and $26 per month, which update every 120, 60, 30, and 15 seconds, respectively .

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How to track a lost cell phone

If you didn’t have the foresight to install a device recovery app on your phone before you lost it, don’t worry. There are still some easy ways to get it back.

find my device

Android users can use Find My Device. Because it’s a Google service, it connects to a Google account and you can find any device connected to it. There are also options to lock a device, reset the PIN remotely, and wipe stored data.

You can even add a recovery message or phone number to your lock screen to increase your chances of getting it back, or ask your device to play a sound if it’s nearby. Updated versions include indoor use support to help you find your device in airports, shopping malls and other large buildings.


Find My iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you can use the Find My iPhone app. This feature has been part of iOS since version 5, so there is no need to download an app. It works with iCloud, so it can be accessed through a browser or another iOS device, and the location of the device will be displayed on a map, along with the option to show where it has been.

You can remotely lock the phone, display an emergency message, or delete stored data if the phone is lost forever.


If you are one of those who they don’t use smart phones you’re out of luck… If you didn’t register your phone with AccuTracking or a similar service beforehand, you’ll have no choice but to call your service provider and hope they can help you. Most providers offer GPS location services for a reasonable fee, so if your phone is enabled, sometimes it’s just a matter of turning on the GPS chip.

How to track someone else’s cell phone (with their permission)

Before using this option, remember that you have the option to call the person in question and ask where they are. The person may not want to answer you, or may even be lying to you. Now, if that one person has no problem telling you – or letting you know – where they are, we recommend the following:

Your friends with smartphone devices can use several different location sharing apps to let you know where they are. Facebook and Twitter have location login features and Swarm has some very robust location sharing features as well.

However, we have some other favorite apps for you to check out:

Google Maps

If you want to know the movements of a friend or relative, chances are you already have the tools to do so, as Google Maps allows you to share a location in real time. Open Google Maps and tap on the three-stripe menu on the top left. then choose Share location.

You will be able to choose to share your location through the people icon with the plus sign in the top right corner. You can choose to share your location for a limited period of time or until you turn off the feature. Anyone you share your location with will see your icon on the map when they open Google Maps.

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find my friends

One of our favorite apps for keeping track of people’s whereabouts is definitely Find My Friends. It is available for iOS and Android. Although the two applications are not from the same developer, they offer the same service. It allows you to track multiple people at the same time, which can be useful when you’re trying to meet a large group.

Find My Friends for Android also works on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and basic phones. The app uses mobile phone triangulation to find people and makes it easy to share location. Text a basic phone user, and when they reply “yes”, their icon will appear on the app’s map.

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iMessage and Google Hangouts

If you’re an iOS user and you’re trying to meet up with a friend, as long as you’re both using iMessage, you can choose to share your location through it. Google’s Hangouts app has a similar feature and is available on Android and iOS. The app even searches for phrases like “Where are you?” And then it will automatically suggest to share your location.

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Operator apps

Several major networks also provide phone tracking services, under the guise of friends and family locators.

AT&T has its Safe Family, Sprint has Safe&Found, Verizon offers Smart Family, and T-Mobile has the FamilyWhere app. All of these services come with a free trial, but you’ll need to pay for a subscription to continue using them.

How to track someone’s cell phone (without their permission)

It’s always best to be direct about tracking someone and respect their right to privacy, but if – for whatever reason – it’s absolutely necessary to track a phone without the consent or knowledge of its owner (a concerned parent), here are some tips on how to do that.

How to track a smartphone user

This tracking is relatively simple using the methods above. If they are under a certain age, then they will use their Google or Apple account, so you can log in to Find My Device or Find My iPhone and see your phone’s location on a map. You can also use Find My Friends.

If those options don’t work for you, then you’ll need to install a tracking app on the person’s phone. Apart from the ones we mentioned above, there are dozens of other apps that will get the job done. If you install an app and don’t want them to notice, you may want to remove the app icon from your home screen and hide it in a folder. Or else, talk to the person and tell them about the benefits of the app.

Track a non-smartphone user

Tracking someone who doesn’t use a smartphone is a little more difficult. If the phone is GPS enabled, install AccuTracking on it. Follow all the necessary steps to set up the account and make sure it’s working. Again, you’ll need to hide the app icon in a folder, if you don’t want it to be noticed.

And since you’re already looking for protection for your mobile device, why not check out our list of the best free antivirus for your PC? It is always better to prevent.

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