How to Take Better Night Photos With a Phone Camera

Smartphone cameras work much better than they used to, but are still limited when it comes to night photography. Whether you’re taking photos in a bar or outside in the moonlight, your phone’s camera sensor is probably still too small to compete with a full-size camera. In this article we will try to teach you how to Take Better Night Photos With a Phone Camera.

However, that doesn’t mean he can’t shoot in the dark. Many new smartphones like the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 have true night modes. Other phones tend to have a manual mode that lets you customize features like exposure speed or shutter speed of a photo before you take it. Even with the iPhone XS, you can make a few tweaks to take better night photos. Below we have mentioned the steps to capture good night photos with phone camera.

4 Ways to Take Photos With a Smartphone Camera

Use Apps for Long Exposure

When shooting in low light with a film camera or DSLR, a slow shutter speed is your answer to getting the right exposure. The smartphone’s answer to controlling shutter speed (or simulating it)?

Keep it stable

The best way to prevent motion blur and get a crisp photo during long exposures is to hold your camera steady. In this case you should use a mobile tripod or a portable option

Motion capture

One thing that comes in at night: car lights. Set your phone for a long exposure and frame a road with cars on it. It’s an idea that can change endlessly: boats in a bay, cars crossing a bridge, or even planes flying over it.

Dare to be Abstract

The darkness can prevent you from getting the perfectly lit shot. But the long exposures and high contrasts give you a great opportunity to take abstract or surreal photos: think of the dark as a background where you can isolate shapes and colors – it makes your photos even more mysterious, stranger and amazing.

Final Words

Smartphone photography is challenging on the best of days, but shooting in low light is especially taxing. Although we can see what we want to capture with the naked eye, the camera we use does not always do the same thing.

I hope you understand this article, How to Take Better Night Photos With a Phone Camera.

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