How to sync SharePoint documents to your computer using OneDrive. –

As you know, SharePoint Online allows you to sync your SharePoint Document library to your computer using OneDrive for Business. This allows you to sync all your local files with SharePoint whenever you have an Internet connection.

This guide provides instructions on how to sync folders and files from your SharePoint site to your computer using the OneDrive app. If you want to synchronize other folders on your PC or network (network shares) with SharePoint Online, or if you want to easily upload multiple folders/files to SharePoint Online, read this guide: Share local folders or how to sync with rish? SharePoint Online.

How to sync SharePoint files to your PC.

To sync your SharePoint document library with your computer:

1. Sign in to the SharePoint site with your Microsoft account.
2. Open the library you want to sync.
3. click on Sync button.

How to sync SharePoint documents to your computer using OneDrive.

4. After clicking the sync button, click Allow me In an Internet Explorer window to allow the SharePoint site to open in File Explorer. *

*Note: If OneDrive is not installed on your system, you will be prompted to install it. After installation. Click the sync button again.


5. Click on the next window Start syncing To synchronize SharePoint files with your computer.

How to sync SharePoint files to your PC.

6. When the file sync is complete, you’ll see a new OneDrive folder (under your personal OneDrive folder if you have one) that contains the files synced with your SharePoint Document library. This folder is located in the following location on your disk:

  • C:\Users\%Your Username%\%SharePoint-Library-Name%

How to sync SharePoint documents to your computer using OneDrive.

7. To choose which SharePoint folders to sync with your computer or to stop syncing:

a. Right-click and select the OneDrive icon in the notification area Settings.

OneDrive settings

b. Click on the “Account” tab Select folders next to SharePoint account. *

*Note: Click to stop syncing Stop syncing. (This action will completely stop syncing SharePoint files between your PC and SharePoint Online and disconnect your account from OneDrive. A copy of these files will remain on this computer)

One Drive - Select folders to sync

c. Select and click which personal SharePoint folders or files you want to sync with your PC OK.

One Drive - Select SharePoint folders-files to sync

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