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If you want to synchronize your local file shares with SharePoint Online, continue reading below. By default, SharePoint Online lets you sync SharePoint files to your PC using the OneDrive app.. However, while the OneDrive app is a good choice for syncing SharePoint files to your computer, it doesn’t have the ability to sync files between SharePoint Online and a local file server connection, or to save and sync SharePoint files to (or) another location. disk) on your computer (except the local user folder).

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Move local files or files from a local file server to SharePoint Online.
  • Synchronize personal folders (local files, local file server shares, or network shares) with SharePoint. SynToy Sync tool from Microsoft.
  • Table SyncToy Automatic start to synchronize local and SharePoint files daily. *

*Note: SynToy does not provide a user interface for scheduling synchronization between selected folders, but you can schedule it to run automatically by creating a scheduled task in Windows (see step 3 below).

How to synchronize SharePoint Online with local file shares with SyncToy.

Step 1. MAP SharePoint as a network drive in File Explorer.

The first step in moving and synchronizing your files from your PC or network to SharePoint Online is to map a network drive as a SharePoint Document Library in File Explorer. To complete this task, follow the instructions in this tutorial: How to map SharePoint as a network drive in File Explorer.

Step 2. Copy and synchronize local files to SharePoint using the SyncToy utility.

After mapping the SharePoint Document Library to a network drive, it’s time to synchronize all your local files with SharePoint Online using the SyncToy utility. *

*Note: If you want, you can use any other utility or backup software (such as SyncBackPro) to copy your local files to SharePoint or synchronize SharePoint files with your local files.

1. Download and install SyncToy 2.1 utility from the official Microsoft Download Center or from here.
2. Launch SyncToy and select on the first screen Create a new pair of folders.

How to sync local shares with SharePoint Online.

3. On the next screen, click Review button and select which folders* from your PC (or local network) you want to synchronize with the SharePoint Online Document Library.

*Note: To sync network shares, first MAP the shared folder as a network drive in File Explorer.

Sync local files with SharePOint with SyncToy

4. leave the Sync select an option and click on it The next one.

Synchronize network shares with SharePoint

5. Now enter the famous “Folder Name” and click on it Termination.


6. Finally click on Running Click the button to start synchronizing the selected folder with SharePoint Online immediately, or skip to step 3 to schedule the synchronization to start in the future.


7. Wait for the synchronization to complete, and once it is done, you will see a new window informing you about the synchronization results.


Step 3. Schedule SyncToy to run at a specific time.

If you want to start the synchronization at a specific time or if you want SyncToy to run automatically periodically, follow these steps:

1. Enter the following in the search field: task scheduler
It’s open Task scheduler

task scheduler

3. From whom Movement select the menu Create a main task.


4. In the generated main task wizard, enter a well-known name for the task (egSharePoint Sync”) and click The next one.


5. In the trigger options, select when the task should be executed (for example, “Daily”) and click . The next one.


6. Set the start time and date, then select when the sync process will repeat. Click when done The next one.


7. In the Action options, select Run the program.


8. On the next screen, click Reviewfind and select SynToyCmd and press It’s open.


9. Type in the “Add arguments” box -R to run all active folder pairs, or if you want to run only one of the active pairs: – R Type “Pail Pair Name”.* When done, press . The next one.

* For example, if the folder pair name is “PublicPair”, enter: -R “PublicPair”


11. Finally, click Termination to save a new scheduled task.


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