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Without a doubt, Netflix is ​​one of the best streaming services available for TV shows, movies, documentaries, and is one of the most popular in recent years. On the other hand, Discord is the best instant messaging and digital distribution platform for creating communities.

How can you stream your favorite Netflix show or movie on Discord? Do not disturb. Below are detailed instructions on how to stream Netflix to Discord.

Enjoying your favorite movie/show can be more fun when your friends accompany you. But due to the pandemic, it is not easy to gather around. To solve this problem, “Group Viewing” can be the perfect way to enjoy your favorite content with your friends in such a situation. Let’s see how you can use “Netflix + Discord” to enjoy Netflix streaming with your friends.

How to Stream Netflix on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS Devices for Discord.

Streaming Netflix on Discord isn’t rocket science, and it’s pretty simple. Using Discord, you can share desktop/phone screens that other discord users with an invite link can access.

Step 1. Disable hardware acceleration in your web browser.

Step 2. Stream on Discord using your web browser.

Step 3. Fix black screen streaming issues in Discord.

Part 1. How to stream Netflix videos using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari for discord.

Although it’s easy to stream on Discord from your Windows or Mac computer, some people may encounter several errors such as “Audio” and “Black screen”. Follow these steps to avoid issues with Discord streams.

Step 1. Disable hardware acceleration in your web browser.

The first step to avoid problems with streaming Netflix to Discord is to disable hardware acceleration in your browser. To do this, follow the instructions below for your browser. (Safari users, skip to step 2)

Stream Netflix on Discord via Google Chrome

To stream Netflix to Discord using Google Chrome, you need to change some of its settings for a seamless streaming experience. For this. follow the steps below:

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and go through the three dot menu Settings.

stream netflix to crash chrome

2. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for “” here.Hardware acceleration“.


3. Next, turn off the Hardware acceleration pressing the blue button and then Restart browser to apply the change.

Chrome disables hardware acceleration

4. Now go to step 2 to start streaming on Discord.

Stream Netflix on Discord through Mozilla Firefox

Before streaming Netflix from Firefox to Discord, continue and disable hardware acceleration as follows:

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the page Options.

Stream netflix to hack firefox

2. scroll down to find Work Department.

Firefox disables hardware acceleration

3. Remove the mark the Use the recommended performance settings box and then remove the mark the Use hardware acceleration when available box.

Firefox disables hardware acceleration

4. Restart Go to Step 2 to stream Netflix videos on Firefox and Discord.

Stream Netflix on Discord through Microsoft Edge.

Before streaming Netflix to Discord using Edge, disable hardware acceleration as described below:

1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser and go to it Settings.

stream netflix for discord edge

2. Under the Settings menu, click System.


3. find Use Hardware Acceleration when available option and turn it off by clicking on it.

Edge disables hardware acceleration

4. click on it Restart button to apply the new setting.


5. To stream to Discord, continue reading the instructions in Step 2 below.

Step 2. How to Stream Netflix Using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari

After changing your browser’s hardware acceleration settings, you’re ready to stream discord from your browser:

1. Open Netflix and select the movie/show you want to stream on Discord.

2. Then open Discord and choose a Voice channel from the server.

stream netflix for discord

3. Then click the share button Screen Icon above the button to start Netflix Stream.

stream a netflix video for discord

4. Select the web tab with the Netflix movie you want to stream.

streaming netflix video on discord

5. Choose the streaming video and audio quality (definition and frame rate) and click done Go live To start streaming a Netflix movie on Discord! *

*Note: If you experience audio or black screen issues while streaming, follow the instructions in step 3.


Step 3. How to fix black screen problem in Discord while streaming.

The black screen issue while streaming video on Discord is a common issue that many people face while streaming Netflix. If everything seems fine on your end, but your friends/audiences see a black screen, change your Discord settings as mentioned below to resolve the issue:

1. Open Discord Settings.


2. Click on Discord settings Audio and video.


3. In VIDEO CODEC department, turn off the The OpenH264 video codec is provided by Cisco Systems Inc.

fix black screen discord

4. Now scroll down and down SCREEN SHARING department, turn on the Use our latest technology to capture the screen option.


5. Once done, the black screen error will be resolved. Enjoy the stream 🙂

Part 2. How to Stream on Discord on Android and iOS Devices

Smartphones are the most used devices today. On Android or iOS, we can easily stream Netflix on both using the following instructions:

1. Open the Netflix app on your iOS/Android device and select Movie/Show to stream.
2. Now open the Discord app and choose a Voice channel.

How to Stream Netflix on Android-iOS

3. click on it Screen sharing icon and voila!…your Netflix stream is live.



Netflix has a variety of content in different genres for every age group. Sometimes you want to enjoy your favorite content with your loved ones. In such cases, it’s always better to use Discord for content and watch it with your loved ones. We’ve scoured the web to compile this guide – How to Stream Netflix on Discord.

It is recommended to keep the Audio and Video settings as high as possible to avoid lag and lag while streaming. In addition, the quality of the stream largely depends on the speed of the Internet connection. So make sure you have a good/fast internet connection before you start streaming.

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