How to start numbering from a specific page in Word

A professional touch to any Word document is knowing how to start numbering from a specific page in Word.

You need to create new sections in the position where you want the numbering to start. Follow along as we walk you through this preparation step and then explain the instructions needed to start page numbering in a specific location.

Page numbering process from a specific page in Word

Microsoft Word requires you to divide your document into parts to automatically number pages starting on the second page and beyond. The use of section breaks allows the use of sequential page numbers starting with 1.

To start the numbering at the top of the page, place the pointer there. To access the Layout commands, select the Layout tab from the top ribbon. Select the appropriate Section Breaks option from the Breaks drop-down box. For example, if you are using Continuous mode, the text continues as is and a new paragraph begins at the cursor position.

Specific page in Word

Now that you’ve split the document in half, you can proceed to the next step. There are two sections here: the first comprises the pages which should not be numbered and the second contains the pages which should be numbered.

Step 1: Enter the page numbers

It is recommended to start by adding page numbers to the entire manuscript. To achieve this, select Page Number from the drop-down list in the Header & Footer section of the Insert tab. Depending on where you want the page numbers to appear, select Top of Page, Bottom of Page, or Page Margins.

Just click where you want the numbers to appear and you’ll get a menu with options like alignment, bold text, using parentheses, and more. Page numbers should now appear all over the text.

Then, in the preparation stage, remove the page numbering between the two sections.

To add a page number to a section, double-click the header, footer, or margin of any page in that section. There should now be a new tab in the top ribbon labeled “Header and footer” with a number of options below it.

For ease of use, the Link to Previous switch in Navigation should always be enabled. To deselect this choice, click this button. The sections you generated in step one should now have their own set of page numbers.

page numbers

Step 3: Choose a starting point for the page number

Page numbering can be restarted from any point you choose because the division between the two halves has been eliminated. The page number automatically corresponds to the current page in the text. For example, if you have a title page or cover page for your journal or scholarly article and you prefer page numbers to start with 1, you may need to change that.

To go to a certain page in the numbered section, just click on the corresponding number. In case you need to include a page number in the header, footer, or margin, you can do so by selecting Header & Footer from the Insert menu. Clicking this button will display the Document Header & Footer tab. Choose Format Page Numbers from the Page Number menu. You can set the starting number by clicking OK at the end of the window after entering the desired number in Start at.

Format page numbers

Step 4: Delete the page numbers from the first section

The procedure is complete after the page numbers from the previous section have been removed. The starting pages of the manuscript, where the cursor should be, are probably those that do not contain page numbers. Select Remove Page Numbers from the Page Number menu in the Header & Footer action group.

The first part is expected to be devoid of figures now that the links between them have been broken. From the page dividing the two halves, continue numbering the document.

How to add page numbers in Word document

Process of adding page number in Word 2016

Word can automatically add page numbers to the header, footer, or margins of every page. To make room for the page number, any existing headers or footers will be deleted.

A Page Number option will appear in the Insert section.

Adding the page number

Select the Top of Page, Bottom of Page, or Page Margin options from the menu, then specify where you want the page number to appear. Next, choose the header format you want.

Page margin option

The indentation of the page numbers will emerge.

to emerge

To protect the header and footer, use the ESC key.

header and footer

Just double-click the header or footer to access the page numbering system and make any necessary changes.

It doesn’t matter if you put the page number in the header or footer if you made one in the margin. Only after choosing the header or footer will you be able to specify a page number.

Frequent questions

How do I start page numbers on a specific page in Word?

Choose Page number> Insert> from the context menu of the ribbon. After that, decide where you would like to be and what kind of style you prefer. Use different first pages to avoid displaying the page number on the first page. Go to Page Number, then Format Page Numbers and change Start to 0 if you want page numbers to start from 1 to page 2.

Can I start page numbering from page 3?

Yes, select Insert > Header & Footer to do so. Go to the menu on the right and select First Page Different From Your Selections. Repeatedly click the Options button and this time check the Remove page numbers box. Select View and then View Reading to check the page numbers and make sure you delete the one at the top of the first page. Go to Page Number, then Format Page Numbers and change Start to 0 if you want page numbers to start from 1 to page 3.

How do I start numbering on page 4 in Word?

To select “Format page numbers” from the “page number” button context menu. To select “Start,” and then type the desired starting page number.

How do I start page numbering on page 3 with the number 1?

Before proceeding to page 3, you will need to start the process of creating a section break and a page break. Next, locate the Page Number option on the Insert tab to ensure that each of your pages starts with the number 1. Go to the page numbering menu after selecting Page Number Format. Next to “starts at”, enter 1.


If you’re writing a business or scientific document, learning how to start numbering from a specific page in Word will greatly improve the readability of your document. Changing the parameters for sections and page numbers can be tricky, so it’s best to divide your pages into segments before you begin. This shouldn’t take more than a few moments. The page numbering for the second part can then be planned after the previous section numbering has been removed, giving you a better idea of ​​where to start and how best to organize your text.

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