How to Start a Shadow Wing Story in WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been revealed after many leaks and much speculation. The Dragonflight expansion represents a big bet for World of Warcraft, whose player base has dwindled in recent years in the face of stiff competition from Final Fantasy XIV and Lost Ark. Shadow of a Wing is a quest in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion that directs players to face Cygenoth, the voice of Neltharion. This article is about how to start The Shadow of His Wings storyline in WoW Dragonflight

Although this enemy is not very difficult to take down, some players may have problems trying to find him. Questing through the new World of Warcraft expansion is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game. Players will enjoy new areas while keeping up with the story as NPCs send them around the map to complete various tasks.

WoW Dragonflight: How to start Shadow Wings

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To start the story of The Shadow of His Wings you need to go to the Smoldering Park, north of the Obsidian Bulwark in The Waking Shores. On top of the grassy cliff you’ll find the NPC’s Ingot, although it won’t appear until you land in the area. If you are not sure, you can find the location in the screenshot below.

There are four quests to complete for The Shadow of His Wings storyline:

  • Cultural Misconceptions
  • Punching Up
  • Locked and keyed
  • Shadow of a Wing

Ingot offers you the first two quests listed above, and the objectives for both can be found in the canyon below. A Cultist’s Misgivings asks you to find Ayasanth in the cage and you have to kill 12 Worldbreaker Dragonkin for Punching Up. Ayasanth gives the third quest, Locked and Keyed, and you must kill nearby enemies to get the Worldbreak Cell Key to free them. When you free Ayasanth from the cage, they will give you The Shadow of His Wings, the final quest in the story.

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