How to Solve ‘remote desktop microphone not working’

The shift to remote work, fueled by the pandemic, shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Many companies have committed to employees continuing to work remotely indefinitely. For remote workers using remote desktop protocols, effectively managing access to peripherals between the host and the remote terminal can be problematic, especially when microphones are enabled over RDP.

Remote workers often use RDP on their home machines to access resources on their work computers; if the microphone does not work on RDP, they may not be able to participate in conference calls or meetings. Some users also note that they experience connection errors, such as “no input device found for Remote Desktop microphone” or “headphones do not work with Remote Desktop”. Below, we have mentioned the steps to Fix ‘remote desktop microphone not working’ Issue.

How to Solve ‘remote desktop microphone not working’

Enable your disabled microphone

  • Click on the Start button and select Settings.Navigate to System settings.Click on Sound in the left sidebar.
  • Next, find and click on Manage audio devices in the input device settings. Find your microphone device under the Allow or Disallow section.
  • Click Allow to enable your microphone.

Adjust the default audio settings

  • Press the Start button and select Settings.Navigate to System settings from the list of options.
  • Then, click on Sound in the menu on the left sidebar.
  • Open the Input devices drop-down menu and select your microphone as the default sound.

Update audio drivers

  • Press the Windows + R keys to launch the Run dialog box. Input devmgmt.msc and press Enter to launch the Device Manager. Locate the Audio Input and Output and expand it.
  • Right-click on the audio driver and select Update driver.Then select Search automatically for drivers.


Voice over IP (VoIP) applications may not work well with Windows RDP servers. Specifically, voice and microphone from the local computer cannot be sent to Discord, Skype or Zopier. Many hybrid and remote workers access a Windows remote desktop for their daily work, and a microphone can increase user productivity because VoIP telephony, video conferencing, and dictation all require a working microphone.

I hope you understand this article, How to Solve ‘remote desktop microphone not working’.

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