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If you want to know how you can create and configure a distribution list to “Forward” as email aliases in Office 365, continue reading below. As you know, an “Email Alias” is an additional email address that can be associated with a primary email account to receive emails sent to that email address.

In simple terms, this means that if you create an email alias for an Office 365 user, all mail sent to the alias address will be delivered to the user’s primary mailbox. Also, if the user wants to reply to these emails, the emails will be sent through their Office365 account and the user’s primary email address will appear in the From list. To avoid this, you can configure Outlook to send from an email alias, or to create a public mailbox with an alias address, or create a distribution list with the email address explained in this article.

This guide provides instructions on how to send email from an email alias using a distribution list in Office 365.

How to create and configure a distribution list to send as email aliases in Microsoft 365.

Step 1. Set up a new distribution list for new email aliases.

1. Introduction Go to the Office 365 admin center and go Groups > Add a group.


2. Select the group type in the selection options Distribution.


3. Enter a known name (or nickname) as the name and click on it The next one.


4. Enter the new alias address in the group email address and then choose the Allow people outside my organization to send mail to this distribution list. Click when done The next one.


5. press Create a group.


6. Now open a new group and at the address below Members tab, click View all and manage members.


7. press Add members.


8. Now select the user who will receive and reply to emails in the new email address and click on it Save.

Step 2. Allow the primary user to send emails on behalf of the group.

1. In Office 365 management portalpress Exchange. *

*Note: If you don’t see the Exchange link, click it Show all.

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2. Select in the Exchange admin center recipients -> groups.


3. Double-click to view/edit the properties of the new distribution group you created.
4. Click the plus in Group Delegation + symbol.


5. Select the user’s primary mailbox and click on it Add.
Click when done OK and Save.


7. Wait 30-60 minutes for Office 365 to update the new settings, and then go ahead and test the new configuration by sending a new email using the email alias in Outlook.

To send as a new email alias in Outlook.

1. In the new message window, click From -> Other email address.


2. In Address Book Options, select * Offline global address list.

*Note: (If you don’t see this window, click the “From” button again after selecting the “Other email address” option in the previous step)


3. select List of all distributions and then select the newly created distribution list for the new email aliases.

Additional help: Click to send as email aliases in Outlook on the web app From whom -> Another email address in the new email message window.

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