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In recent years, the ability to send large files over the Internet has become a necessity for many users. in this article, I will show you the most reliable ways to transfer large files over the Internet without any problems.

Since it is not possible to send files larger than 25 MB through standard messaging platforms (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), you must use other methods to send large files over the Internet. Here I have selected the easiest ways to securely transfer large files over the Internet.

How to send/transfer large files over the Internet for FREE.

Compress it: Before sending a large file over the Internet, it is recommended to compress the file to make it smaller and optionally encrypt it. You can use “File Compression Software” like 7-zip, WinZip or WinRAR to compress and encrypt a large file. I personally recommend using it 7-zip because it is free and easy to use.

*Note: The advantage of encrypting a compressed file is that the recipient needs to know the password you set to decrypt and access the file when compressing/encrypting it.

After compressing the file, you can use one of the following methods to send it. These methods are my personal favorites and I chose them based on the following parameters: reliability, ease of use, sending limit and speed.

Google Drive.

send large files using Google Driveis one of the most convenient methods because you only need a Gmail account.

How to send a large file using Google Drive:

1. Sign in to Google Drive.
2. press New + and download your files.

How to send large files using Google Drive

3. After downloading, right-click on the downloaded file and click Get the link.

Send Google Drive files

4. In the window, do one of the following according to your preference:

a. Enter the recipient’s link to send the file’s link to a specific GMAIL recipient email address and select Done. (the recipient must sign in with their Google Email credentials to view/edit or download the shared file).

b. press Change to anyone who has a link after that Copy the link if you want to send/share your file to anyone with a link.

How to send large files over the Internet


Dropbox is a widely used worldwide file sharing cloud service for sharing large files with multiple people by creating a secure shareable link. Dropbox is an alternative to Google Drive, and its cloud service supports all Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.

To use Dropbox Sharing services, you need to sign up for a free account (Dropbox Basic), which offers 2 GB of cloud storage space and the ability to transfer files up to 100 MB. *

*Note: If you want to transfer files larger than 100MB, you should upgrade your Dropbox account to a plan that meets your needs.

How to use Dropbox to transfer large files:

1. Sign up/log in to Dropbox.
2. Download files/folder you want to share with others.

Upload files to Dropbox

3. Once your file is uploaded, select it and click on it Sharing.

Dropbox large file sharing

4. Enter the recipient’s email address and click file sharing, or press Create, then copy the link and send the link to the recipient (e.g. via email).

How to send Dropbox files


One of the most popular ways to send large files over the Internet today is to use the WeTransfer file transfer service. The best thing about WeTransfer is that it allows you to quickly send your files to others without having to create an account to use their services.

WeTransfer also comes with an iOS app that offers 10GB of free transfers. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have a file manager, so it’s only good for sending pictures and videos.

How to send a file using WeTransfer:

1. Go to the WeTransfer website and click Accept it to its privacy policy.

Send large files to wetransfer

2. press Add your files and select the files you want to send. (sending limit 2 GB).

Upload WeTransfer files4.

3. After selecting the file, fill in the following required information (recipient’s e-mail, your e-mail address and optionally a message to the recipient) and click. Transfer .

WeTransfer file transfer


JumpShare is another secure file sharing service trusted by thousands of users that allows you to easily and quickly share files up to 250 MB using a free account.

How to send large files over the Internet with JumpShare:

1. Go to and sign up for a free account.

How to send large files on Jumpshare

2. press Upload and select the file you want to share with others. and get the link to share it.

Upload large files with Jumpshare

3. Finally, right click Tap and click on the file you want to share over the Internet Sharing Click or to email your file to specific recipients Copy the link get a link of a shared file to send using other methods (for example, email, chat, etc.).

Share large files with Jumpshare

uTorrent web

uTorrent web One of the best cloud services available for sharing large files over the Internet. The best thing about uTorrent is that it is available on every operating system. Below, we have systematically demonstrated how to share large files over the Internet using uTorrent Web.

How to send large files using uTorrent Web.

1. Download & installation uTorrent web (free) from their official website.

2. Run the program and click on it Create a torrent

Sharing large files via utorrent

3. select select the file you want to send and click Create Torrent.

Create a torrent file

4. After the file is loaded, click the button Sharing Click the button to send the link to the uploaded file to the desired recipients.

Share torrent file

That’s it! I hope these methods will help you send large files over the Internet with ease.

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