How to Secure a Personal YouTube Handle

Youtube is a popular video sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos. Youtube is so popular because of the large amount of content available on the site. As well as its ability to reach a global audience. Youtube also gives people with little or no budget the opportunity to create something professional. In this article we will try to teach you how to Protect Your YouTube Handle.

YouTube has become a ubiquitous part of our online world where privacy is an issue. Your video viewing habits, likes, dislikes, and more may be visible to the whole world. When creating and uploading videos, you may inadvertently reveal private information such as your address or phone number.

Every Youtube user is concerned about their channel and their privacy. Youtube is pretty safe from hacking if you do everything you can to keep your Youtube account safe. However, it’s important to know how to protect your YouTube data from malicious people trying to steal your valuable content or identity. Below we have mentioned the steps to save Your YouTube Handle.

4 Ways to protect your personal YouTube Account

Change Account Password regularly

This is cliche advice, but it’s really important that you change your passwords regularly. One way or another, chances are your passwords have been leaked online (or on the dark web). When you have been using the same password for a long time and it was leaked online without your knowledge, you have no time to think about what you hit.

Change Your Password Often

Because if it needs to be done again, be careful with your password – don’t use the same one you use on other platforms and don’t write it down. We must tread carefully in the digital world, but the physical world can be just as dangerous.

Secure your Google Account with 2FA

Two-factor authentication is the greatest protection you can give your Google account other than a password. If you still think 2FA (two-factor authentication) is dumb, Google (Alphabet Inc.) CEO Sundar Pichai recently expressed his confidence in two-factor authentication as the best way to protect his accounts.

If the Google Account you use to manage your YouTube channel isn’t secure with 2FA, it’s high time you activated it. With two-factor authentication, you can easily increase the security of your Google account. Once activated, you will be asked for a verification code or prompt, which you will receive on your main phone. Therefore, hackers will have no use for your account password.

Don’t Reveal Your Email ID Elsewhere

We all tend to use one email address for business related purposes. It is very common to create business related accounts using the same Gmail ID we use to manage our main YouTube channel. Let me tell you, better stay away from it.

If we use the email address on another website, we cannot deny an email address violation. This harms the Google account as more and more hackers try to affect our account. However, do not share the email address with any third party you use to manage your YouTube channel.

Final Words

So, here we present our article on ways to secure your YouTube account. YouTube is a great way to promote your business. People create unique channels with Youtube overlays and ads to attract more viewers. So, it is important to backup your essential data on this platform.

I hope you understand this article, How to Secure a Personal YouTube Handle.

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