How to save Print Screenshots as an Image on Windows

Screenshots are useful in various types of IT operations. Many involve documenting and sharing information with third parties. One example of how screenshots are used to diagnose hardware problems. An end user can take a screenshot of a problem and submit it to an IT professional or department for consultation. In this article we will try to show you high-tech how Instantly Save Print Screenshots as Image on Windows.

Screenshots can also be helpful for sharing proprietary information. In collaborative work environments, individual parties can take screenshots and send them to team members to share important information about a project. To enable this type of sharing, screen display technology has been included in personal computers for many years. Below we have mentioned the steps to instantly save Print Screenshots as Image on Windows.

Steps to Save Print Screenshots as Image on Windows

Save Print Screenshots Directly to Your Device

You must use another key combination to save pictures from Print Screen directly to your device. Instead of pressing the Print Screen key, you need to press the Print Screen and Windows (Win) keys at the same time. This way, a snapshot of the current screen will be saved on your device. But where are these screenshots saved and how can you access them?

  • To access the screenshots taken using PrntScn + Win key combination, open File Explorer and navigate to This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.
  • You can also access these screenshots through the Recent Files section in Quick Access.

Save PrtScn Screenshots in PNG or JPEG Format

Screenshots created with the Print Screen button or other combinations are saved in PNG format by default. So if you want to get the final output of the photos in PNG format, you don’t need to make any changes. On the other hand, Print Screen doesn’t allow you to capture screenshots directly in JPEG format, so you’ll have to rely on a workaround. If you want to save screenshots in JPEG format, follow these steps:

  • Use the Print Screen button to capture the window you want.
  • Launch the Windows Paint app.
  • In Paint, press CTRL + V to paste the captured image.
  • Navigate to the File tab in the upper left corner of the Paint app.
  • Go to the Save as menu and select JPEG picture.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Instantly Save Print Screenshots as Image on Windows will help you and solve all your problems. Although Print Screen is unlikely to stop taking screenshots for you, it may stop working if there are problems with the Print Screen keyboard key, if the F-Lock key is disabled, there is third-party interference, or if the keyboard is out of date using you drivers.

I hope you understand this article, How to save Print Screenshots as an Image on Windows.

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