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Microsoft has announced that Android apps will run on Windows 11 for the Windows Insider program, which is in the Beta channel. This is actually surprising because we expect the Android app to appear in the Dev channel, but based on the latest information received by Microsoft, it has been released in the Beta channel.

Running Android apps on Windows 11 is similar to the experience you have on your mobile device. It integrates and installs easily in the Windows 11 interface – just as users have come to expect.

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon and software developers to provide Windows Insiders with 50 apps and games to test on a wide range of hardware. New apps will be released through Windows Insider Program updates in the coming weeks. *

*Note: If you want to download Android apps on Windows 11 from another side without joining the Windows Insider-Beta channel program and the Amazon store, download and install WSATools. WSATools is a simple apk installer for Windows 11 subsystem for Android that simplifies the sideloading process.

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

Part 1. Requirements for running Android apps on Windows 11.

1. Windows 11 version or later. To know the build of Windows 11 installed:

1. Press the button Windows image + R buttons to load Running dialog box.

2. Enter the following command and click Enter To open system properties.

  • control / name Microsoft.System


3. In the “Windows specifications” section, make sure that the OS build is at least “”.

View Windows 11 Build

2. Hardware virtualization: To run Android apps on Windows 11, you need a processor that supports Hardware Virtualization, which must be enabled. To find out the status of Virtualization on the system:

1. Press Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC To open the task manager.
2. At Work tab, check Virtualizationis n Enabled. *

Check Windows 11 virtualization status

*Note: If virtualization is disabled, you need to enable it from the BIOS. To enable Virtualization in BIOS:

a. Turn off your computer.
b. Turn on your computer again and press the appropriate button to enter the BIOS settings. (The key may be different due to different brands. Usually: Del, F2, F10, etc.)

A. If applicable to you Intel CPU:

  • click on Advanced * tab and install Virtualization (aka “Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x)”). Turn on.

*Note: In some BIOS, it is located under the “Virtualization” setting Work options.

B. If applicable to you AMD processor:

  • click on MIT. tab -> Advanced frequency settings –> Advanced kernel settings and install SVM mode (aka “Secure Virtual Machine”). Turn on.

3. Windows Insider Account: If you don’t have an Insider account, sign up for a free Windows Insider account here.

4. Amazon account: You need an Amazon account to download and access apps from the Amazon App Store. If you don’t have an Amazon account, sign up here. (Get a US-based Amazon account. If you’re using a VPN outside the US).

Part 2. Steps to run Android apps on Windows 11.

If you meet the above requirements, follow these steps to run Android apps on Windows 11:

Step 1. Switch to the Beta channel with build 22000.282 in the Windows Insider program. *

Important: It’s important to let users know that when they switch to the Windows Insider program, they can’t “roll back” to a previous version, but rather reinstall Windows. Therefore, it’s worth reconsidering before jumping ship and jumping into the Windows Insider program.

1. click on to search symbol and type Windows Insider Program.
2. Opening
the Windows Insider Program Settings.

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

3a. If prompted to enable optional diagnostic information, click Open diagnostics and feedback.


3b. Installation Optional diagnostic information for On.

Enable additional diagnostic information

4. click on Start button and then click from the pop-up screen Link account.

Connect a Windows Insider account

5. Now add your Windows Insider account and click Keep going.

6. On the next screen, select beta channel, press Keep going

Windows Insider Beta Channel

6. press Confirm for agree to the terms.
7. click on Restart now To complete your enrollment in the Windows Insider program. *

Note: You can decide to choose Restart laterConsidering that the computer setup process may require restarting the computer 2-3 times.

Step 2. Turn on the virtual machine and the Windows Hypervisor platform.

1. click on to search mark and search Turn Windows features on or off and then press It’s open.


2. Check Virtual machine platform and Windows hypervisor platform, then select OK.

Enable the virtual machine platform

3. Restart computer. (However, you can choose to restart later to complete the setup.)

Step 3. Update the Microsoft Store app to version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.

1. click on Start menu and then Microsoft Store.


2. select Library tab in the lower left corner. Then click continue Get updates

Update the Microsoft Store

3. If there is an update for the Microsoft Store, go ahead and install it.

Step 4. Install the Amazon App Store app.

1. It’s open Microsoft Store and search Amazon App Store or click this link:

2. press Installation and then press Adjustment; installation.

Install the Amazon AppStore app

3. When prompted, click Download to download and install Windows Subsystem for Android.

4. Once the installation is complete, open it Amazon App Store Open the app and sign in with your Amazon account.

Go to the Amazon App Store

5. Once you’ve entered the Amazon Appstore, browse or select the Android apps or games you want to install from the list.

From now on, any Android apps you’ve installed can be accessed via the Windows Search button or the Start menu. From my observations, users who have tried this feature seem to be very impressed with the level of games and apps available on the Appstore.

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