How to restore Windows 7 or Vista to a previous state of operation. –

System Restore is a Windows feature that helps restore your system files and settings to their previous working state. This feature is useful because it can help Windows users solve Windows problems after installing a hacked program or malware.

This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to restore Windows 7 or Vista to its previous state of operation.

How to restore Windows 7 or Vista to a previous state of operation.

1. Turn off after that Enabled your computer.

2. Click on “F8While your computer is booting, press the ” button before the Windows logo appears.

3. When “Windows advanced settings menuIf it appears on your screen, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight it.Repair your computer” option and then click “INTRODUCTION“.


4. Select a keyboard layout and press “Next”.


5. Yours account password (if prompted) and “OK“.


6. In the System Recovery Options window, click “Next”.


7. Click onSystem Restore” option.image_thumb3

8. Click the “Next” button.


9. On the next screen select a previous restore point dateSelect * and “The next one“.

* If you don’t see all restore pointscheck it out the “Show more restore points” option.


10. On the next screen, review your choices and click Termination”.


11. wait untilSystem Restore” process is complete and restart the system normally.

That’s it!

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