How to Restore the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8 Using the Classic Shell –

Windows 8 comes with a new Modern UI (Metro) environment by default. The new interface no longer has the traditional Start Menu. This is because of Microsoft apps focus more on content and less on graphics With Windows 8. The new design improves the user experience on touch screen interfaces such as mobile devices, tablets and smartphones.

For veteran Windows users, the new interface is a big change in our lives, as we once again have to learn how the new interface works. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to bring back the old interface with the classic Start menu using an open source program called Start.Classic Shell“.

Step 1. Download “Classic Shell”.

Download the open source “Classic shell” application from Here.


Step 2. Installation

How to install “Classic shell”.

1. Select “Running” on the next screen:


2. Click on “The next one” on the welcome screen.


3.Accept it Click on the license agreement and “The next one“.


4. Leave to set the default configuration properties and clickThe next one“.


5. click onInstallation” to start the installation.


6. Select “User account management” in the security alert.Yes“.


7. When the installation is complete, clickTermination“.


After installation, a new Start button will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.


Click on “Start menuClick ” to see your familiar menu interface.


Step 3. Customize “Classic shell”.

How to Customize Windows 8 Using Classic Shell

1. To begin customizing the Start menu, go”Start > Settings > Classic Start Menu“.


2. On the first screen of Classic Start Menu settings, select the Start Menu style you want, and then select All Settings.


3. To prevent the Modern UI (Metro) environment from appearing at Windows startup, “Windows 8 settings“click the tab and “Skip the subway screen” option enabled.

classic shell

4. If you want full Windows 7 functionality, you must disable all active corners.

Check out the “Everything” option underDelete active corners” settings and “OK” *

Note*: If you want, you can check out all the other settings”Classic Shell” application.


From now on, you can work and configure your computer in Windows 7.

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