How to replace the hard disk drive (HDD) in an HP Pavilion DV9700 laptop –

This is a tutorial on how to replace a failed 2.5-inch hard drive in a Hewlett-Packard (HP) Pavilion DV9700* series laptop. This process also works on the DX6600 and DX6700 series. The whole process is very easy and will not take you more than 5 minutes.

Note*: The specific model supports 2 Sata 2.5-inch hard drives. In this document you will learn how to replace the main HDD.

Go to the end of the article to watch the video with the whole process.

Step 1: Turn the laptop upside down

Step 2: Remove the battery

1. Push and hold the battery release latch to the release position.


2. Lift the front edge of the battery and remove it from the battery bay.

Step 3: Remove the hard drive

1. Look on the left side of the laptop and locate HDD slot 1 (main HDD).


2. Loosen the two (2) screws securing the HDD cover and the hard drive.

3. Remove the HDD cover.

4. Use a flathead screwdriver and lift the outer edge of the hard drive and remove it.

Step 4: Remove the hard drive from its case

1. Use a screwdriver and loosen the four (4) screws securing the drive to the chassis.

2. Remove the HDD from its case.

Step 5. Remove the SATA hard drive connector

1. Use a flathead screwdriver and pry up the Sata hard drive connector.

image image

Step 6: Insert the new hard drive

1. Pick up your new hard drive.

2. To complete the work, perform the above steps in reverse order.

Affected models:

HP DV 9700 series: dv9700, dv9700t, dv9700z, dv9715nr, dv9718ca, dv9720ca, dv9720us, dv9723ca, dv9723cl, dv9724ca, dv9727cl, dv9727us, dv9728ca, dv9728cl, dv9730ca, dv9730nr, dv9730us, dv9731ca, dv9734nr, dv9736ca, dv9740ca, dv9740us, dv9743cl, dv9744ca, dv9747cl, dv9748ca, dv9750us, dv9758ca, dv9774ca

HP DX 6600 Series: dx6600, dx6650ca, dx6650us, dx6653ca, dx6665ca, dx6667cl, dx6697nr, dx6600 CTO, dx6697us, dx6699xx

HP DX 6700 series

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