How to Remove Duplicate Emails and Contacts in Outlook –

In some cases, for example, during synchronization when receiving e-mails, or after our e-mails are transferred from an old computer to a new computer, duplicate e-mails may be found in Outlook. Deleting duplicate items in Outlook can be done manually, but it’s a time-consuming process, or it can be done in minutes with a program designed for the job.

In this article, we will explain how to remove duplicate items in Outlook using a free program ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover). ODIR is a great program because it can remove all duplicate items not only from your email folders, but also from your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and even Notes.


  • ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover) works perfectly with Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 32-bit versions.
  • ODIR does not work on 64-bit versions of MS Outlook.

How to remove all duplicate items from Outlook email, contacts, tasks or calendar.

Step 1: Download and install ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover).

1. You can download ODIR from here.

ODIR website

2. Click on “Running” to install ODIR – Outlook duplicate Items Remover – immediately or save “ODIR.exe” to your computer to install the program later.


3. Click on “The next one” install in the ODIR installation wizard and proceed with the installation steps.


4.Accept the contract” and then click “The next one” to continue.


5. Shut down your Outlook program and then “The next one” again

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6. Specify a destination or leave the default location and “The next one” again.


7. Specify a new start menu folder or leave the default and “The next one” again.


8. Review your options and then “Installation” button to start installing ODIR.


9. Finally click onTermination” to exit ODIR installation.


Step 2. How to use ODIR (Outlook Duplicate Items Remover) to remove duplicate emails, contacts, tasks in Outlook.

1. Open your Outlook program.

2. From the Outlook main menu, select ODIR > Remove duplicate items. *

* In Outlook 2010, you’ll find ODIR under “.Supplements” label.


3. In Outlook duplicate removal program in the main window, select the folder from which you want to remove duplicate items (for example, “Inbox”) and “Remove duplicate items” button.

using ODIR

4. Wait for the deduplication process to complete and then nearODIR” program.

5. Now under the folder you selected to find duplicates, you will find a new folder called “ODIR_Duplicate_elements“. Within this folder, you can review all duplicate emails found and then safely remove them.


You are done!

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