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Want to record your Skype calls on Windows 10 so you can view them later? If yes, then continue reading! Recording Skype calls is useful in a variety of situations. It’s ideal for those who work from home or elsewhere and want to replay an important video conference, save the memory of a presentation or lecture, or even a web chat with your loved ones.

Fortunately, both Skype and Windows 10 include call recording features that make it easy to record your Skype conversations.

In this guide, we will show you in detail the process of recording and saving Skype calls on Windows 10.

How to record and save Skype calls on Windows 10.

Method 1: Record and save Skype calls using Skype for Desktop.

The first way to record Skype calls is to use the desktop version of Skype on Windows 10.

*Note: If you don’t have the desktop version of Skype, download and install it here.


To record a Skype call using Skype for desktop:

1. Launch Skype and start a video or voice call with the desired person.

2. After entering the call, click on it More button at the bottom of the window (three dots) and select Start writing. *

Reminder: When you start recording a call, a banner will appear on the screen, letting everyone know that you have recorded the call. To record without letting other participants know, go to the next method below.

start recording skype calls

3. Click to stop recording More button again and select Stop writing. *

Stop recording the Skype call

* Note: You can also click directly Stop recording option from the top left corner of the screen.

How to record Skype calls on Windows 10

To save a Skype call from Skype for desktop.

After you finish your Skype conversation, the recording is placed in the conversation window with the other person and is available to you (and the other person) for 30 days to save it locally or share it with others.

1. To save a Skype recording locally, go to the conversation with the other person you recorded and click on it More > Save As.

save the skype recording

2. Enter a name for the Skype entry and click Enter to save it on your PC.

Method 2. Record and save Skype calls secretly (without the other person knowing).

If you want to record a Skype call without the other party knowing, follow the steps below. *

*Note: Remember that recording a Skype conversation without the other party’s knowledge may be prohibited in your country. So, before recording Skype calls, check the laws of your country.

There are many programs out there that allow you to record your screen or record a Skype conversation, but the best way to do this task is to use the built-in Windows 10 screen recorder app Gamepad*.

Game Bar is a built-in program in Windows 10 that helps gamers record video, broadcast gameplay online, and take screenshots.

To record a Skype conversation without the other person knowing using the gamepad:

1. press Windows image+ I press the keys on the keyboard at the same time to start Settings.
In the settings window, click on Game.


3. Select within the game window Xbox gamepad go through the left panel and then toggle the switch On On the right side to turn on the game bar.

record skype without others knowing

4. Then launch Skype and start a video call.

5. After the call starts, press Windows image + G Press the keys on the keyboard together to open the Games panel.

a. To whom Start the recording press the button Windows image + ALT + R press or click the buttons Recording button’Shooting the game‘ options. *

*Note: Game bar entries are disabled by default. To whom audio recording press the button Microphone sign image to rotate once ON.


b. To whom Stop the press to record the Windows image + ALT + R press the buttons again at the same time.

6. When you stop recording, your screen will show a confirmation message that the recording is complete. Click on the message to jump or jump to where the recording is saved C:\Users\UserName\My Documents\My Videos\Captures\ In the file explorer to find the saved clip.

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