How to Print from iPhone or iPad to any Printer, Wireless Guide

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Printing wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone or iPod to a printer is very simple, especially if that printer is compatible with AirPrint. Basically, AirPrint means that the printer has native wireless support for direct iOS printing, and it’s really easy to set up.

If you don’t already have a printer or are considering upgrading and shopping, ideally you should get one of the designated AirPrint printers, which allows you to print directly via Wi-Fi from any iOS device. They are by far the easiest to use and print, but if you have an older printer or one that isn’t AirPrint compatible, we’ll also show you how you can turn any regular printer wirelessly using the a free solution available for both Mac OS X. and Windows.

With AirPrint, you can print wirelessly from iOS

This is the best way to print from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, as printing goes directly from the iOS device to the printer. It is also extremely easy to use. The requirements for direct printing are quite simple: the printer must be AirPrint compatible and the printer and the iPhone or iPad must be on the same wireless network. That’s it.

How to print anything

Here’s how to print directly from any iOS:

  • Select the split button (the square from which the arrow flies out) [>] and tap “Print”
  • Select the printer from the list of devices, and then click “Print”

Print from iPhone

Multiple copies of a document are printed from the printer’s home screen. Tap the plus + or minus buttons to change the number of copies to print.

The document or destination prints quickly. Amazingly simple. Most applications are compatible with this type of direct wireless printing, including all default applications such as Safari, Maps, Photos, iBooks, Mail, and Notes. Many third-party applications also support the feature.

Check the print queue

  • Double-tap the Home button to display the multitasking bar
  • Select “Print Center” (like a printer) to see the active print queue

The Print Center only appears when items are in the print queue or something is currently being printed.

Change print color, quality, paper, and other print settings in iOS

Print from iOS iOS’s native printing capability is missing some basic features that many users may be used to. For more management and special needs, you are recommended to download the free applications produced by most major printer manufacturers. These applications allow you to control various printing features and more precisely control how things are printed. Typically, this includes features such as color printing, grayscale, black-only color selection, quality adjustment for fast photo quality, the ability to change the printer’s paper type and paper size, whether to print single-sided or double-sided. , all traditional options available on the desktop. Because apps are free and offer precise control, they’re generally recommended as at least handy if you want more control over how things print:

  • HP ePrint
  • Epson iPrint
  • Canon PhotoPrint
  • Lexmark Mobile Printing

Get more printing options with iOS Print Manufacturer

Other printer manufacturers may have their own apps in the App Store, if the brand is not listed above, just look for it in the iPhone or iPad store.

Turn a standard printer into an AirPrint wireless printer

An excellent utility is available for Mac OS X and Windows to convert all printers to AirPrint. Called HandyPrint and a commercial product derived from AirPrintHacktivator, the app converts a standard printer connected to a Mac or Windows computer into an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer that can be accessed from any iOS device.

  • Download HandyPrint from the developer and enable it
  • Go to Print from iOS as usual and select a compatible AirPrint printer from the list

HandyPrint creates an AirPrint printer from anywhere

Although HandyPrint is a commercial application, the older Hacktivator AirPrint tool that came with it works with most printers and is still compatible despite no longer being officially supported.

HandyPrint can also create a virtual printer on your computer, so you can print from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod directly to a file on your computer, just like you can print as a PDF on a Mac. Note that if you just want to print something as a PDF, you can take a web page and print it as a PDF from an iPhone or iPad using this bookmarklet trick.

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In this guide, I will discuss about Printing from iPhone or iPad to any Printer, wirelessly, which is very helpful.

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