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If you want to post photos on Instagram from your PC instead of your phone, keep reading! Instagram is one of the best social platforms for users of all ages and categories. From brands spreading the word about their products to people sharing their daily lives through photos and videos, there’s a lot to like about Instagram.

However, Instagram can be distracting many times, so many users prefer to use it for a short time on their computer when they are tempted or need it. For this reason, or if you don’t have Instagram installed on your phone, you can upload photos to Instagram from your PC if you want to keep Instagram updated with the events of your life!

Posting photos to Instagram from your computer isn’t as simple as it is from your phone, but don’t worry, because in this guide, we’ll show you how to do it in just a few simple steps.

How to post photos from your computer on Instagram.

Part 1: How to share photos on Instagram from Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. *

Follow these steps to post your photos to Instagram from Windows using your web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Edge): *

*Note: The steps to upload photos to Instagram through Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge are similar, and in this guide we will use Chrome as an example.

1. Log in to your Instagram account.

2. click on three (3) points menu image Go to the menu in the upper right corner of the Chrome window and go to More tools > Developer tools

Chrome Developer Tools

3a. click on Responsible drop down menu. *

*Note: Click in Microsoft Edge CTRL + SHIFT + M or press Turn off/close the device emulation icon. image to see Responsible menu.

Share photos from PC to Instagram

3b. Now select the mobile device model (for example “iPhone X”)

Share photos from computer to Instagram

3c. click on Update button to reload the page.


3d. Now click on it X to the sign near the Developer tools.

Post photos to Instagram from a PC

4. You should now see the Instagram mobile interface on your screen. click on plus button To add a photo from your PC, tap the or button on the Instagram screen Camera Add a picture from your webcam to the icon.

How to post pictures on Instagram from a PC

Part 2: How to share photos on Instagram from Safari on Mac.

If you have a Mac and you’re using Safari instead of Google Chrome or Firefox, follow these steps to post photos to Instagram using the Safari browser:

1. Launch your Safari browser and log in to Instagram.

2. click on Safari from the ribbon menu and then select Advantages.

Safari settings

3. Now go to Extended tab and check the opposite box Show development menu in the menu bar option.

Post photos from MAC to Instagram

4. Return to the previous screen and select Develop from the menu bar. Then click on it User agent select a from the list of available options mobile device model.

Post safari photos

5. Update Page to view the Instagram mobile interface in the Safari browser.

6. Click the plus button to add a photo on the Instagram screen. Select the image you want to post and proceed as you would on your phone.

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