How to Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod

Google Nest Amazon Echo Sonos, Unlike JBL and other smart speakers, the Apple HomePod does not come with Bluetooth functionality. You can’t simply connect your Android or iPhone to HomePod and play your favorite songs on the go. Spotify You need to use the AirPlay function to play your favorite playlists from YouTube Music and Amazon Music. Speaking of the latter, here’s how you can play songs from Amazon Music on the Apple HomePod.

Amazon Music offers delivery benefits; It’s part of the Amazon Prime subscription used by millions of people around the world to access Prime Video and more. iPhone to stream Amazon Music songs to Apple HomePod; You must use an AirPlay-enabled device such as an iPad or Mac. You can’t use an Android or Windows PC to play Amazon Music on your HomePod.

Does Amazon Music support Siri on HomePod?

In a surprising move, Apple has enabled support for third-party music streaming apps on the HomePod. If the developer uses the relevant APIs for Siri on HomePod; Users can ask the voice assistant to play their favorite songs on Apple’s smart speaker. Unfortunately, Amazon Music has yet to add Siri support. So you can start streaming on iPhone, You need to use an iPad or Mac.

Play Amazon Music on HomePod on iPhone.

AirPlay lets you stream content wirelessly from an Apple iPhone; It’s part of the iPad and Mac. We’ll show you how to use them to stream your favorite Amazon Music playlist to HomePod.

Step 1: Download and install Amazon Music from the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the Amazon Music app and sign in with your Amazon account details.

Step 3: Play any song and open the song info menu.

Step 4: Click the cast icon in the top right corner.

Step 5: Select AirPlay and check Supported Devices from the pop-up menu.

Step 6: Select your HomePod under the ‘Speakers & TVs’ menu and enjoy music with a better sound experience.

You don’t need to go to Amazon Music and play around with the cast options to play songs on the HomePod. You can change directly from the lock screen.

Step 1: Check the iOS music player on the lock screen.

Step 2: Click the AirPlay icon in the bottom right corner and select your HomePod from the menu below.

Stream Amazon Music on HomePod using iPad.

Aside from the iPhone, you can also use an iPad to control Amazon Music on your HomePod. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Install Amazon Music on your iPad.

Step 2: Play any song, tap the familiar cast icon and choose AirPlay from the menu below.

Step 3: Select your HomePod device from the list and transfer music from your iPad to a nearby HomePod.

As with the iPhone, You can also make speaker output from the iPad lock screen.

Step 1: Press the Power button to check the iPad lock screen.

Step 2: Click the AirPlay icon and select the radio button next to HomePod.

Use a Mac to play Amazon Music on HomePod.

As we said earlier, Android and Windows users cannot play Amazon Music on HomePod. But if you have a Mac, you can use the built-in AirPlay functionality to stream Amazon Music playlists to a nearby HomePod. Go through the following steps.

Because Amazon Music doesn’t have a native app on Mac, The following screenshots will use the web version.

Step 1: Visit Amazon Music in your favorite web browser on Mac.

Step 2: Sign in with your Amazon account details.

Step 3: Open the song you want and click Control Center on the Mac menu bar.

Step 4: Click the AirPlay icon next to the Audio menu.

Step 5: Select your Apple HomePod from the menu below.

Now that’s it! You can now enjoy Amazon Music on your HomePod. Although your MacBook speakers are some of the best in the business, It doesn’t beat the sound quality of a standalone HomePod.

Enjoy Amazon Music on HomePod.

Don’t hold yourself back with Apple Music on HomePod. If you like Amazon Music, iPhone; Easily play on Apple’s smart speaker using an iPad or Mac. Expect to see Siri integration with Amazon Music on the HomePod. To play Amazon Music songs on your Apple HomePod; to open Asking Siri to pause and skip is great.

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